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How to Style Your Home to Reflect Your Personality

Everyone is unique, but a lot of the time, people are afraid to show their true selves and embrace individuality. Feeling free to express yourself and be unafraid to show the world who you are is liberating. Ensuring that you allow your personality to shine through in everything you do is an excellent way to be your true self 100 percent of the time. One empowering way to achieve this feeling of authenticity is to style your home so that it unapologetically showcases your personality and tastes. 

All too often, people simply follow the latest interior design trends and take inspiration from other people when decorating their living space. However, it does not need to be this way. So, rather than following the crowd, why not use your décor as an opportunity to express yourself? If you like the idea of redecorating your home to that it is styled to reflect your personality; the following tips will help you to achieve this:

Ignore Color Rules

Everyone is familiar with many of the color rules that guide the principles of interior design. Rules such as using pale paint colors in small rooms to make them appear larger and never using dark paint colors in rooms that lack lots of natural light are made to be broken. When styling your home to reflect your personality, the most important person you need to please is yourself. So, if painting black walls in the smallest room of your home makes you happy, don’t be afraid to break the rules and do it. Taking risks and choosing to buck the usual conventions will help you to create a home that is as unique as you are.                                                                                                                                    

Display Your Favorite Items

There is no need to hide away your favorite items with multiple storage solutions to keep them from view. Instead, why not put your favorite things on display? Introducing a Shelf Clothes Rail to your bedroom will allow you to hang your most-loved items of clothing on display proudly and to make them a design feature in their own right. Introducing further shelving units to showcase your hats, bags, and accessories and place them on display is another excellent way to celebrate your style.

Make Your Space Meaningful

Your home should be somewhere that you can feel relaxed and truly like yourself. So, to achieve this, why not surround yourself with all the things that bring meaning to your life and express your story so far? Displaying photographs of your proudest moments and objects that you have brought home from your travels both near and far are all deserving of inclusion in your new interior. 

Being able to look around your rooms and find yourself surrounded by items representing the things that bring meaning to your life is truly special. So, when you are ready to give your home a makeover, doing so unapologetically and in a way that is true to you is much better than copying the latest hot trend in interior design.