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I Shop at Dollar Tree Every Week, Here’s 7 Things I Always Buy

For as long as I can remember, Dollar Tree has been one of my go-to stores especially when I am looking for a bargain.

Now that I am older and I have adult money, I still stand by my decision to shop at Dollar Tree every week and I’ve found that there are 7 things I always buy so, I thought I’d share…

dollar tree store

Now, as you may know, Dollar Tree raised their prices from $1.00 to $1.25 a few years ago. Recently, they announced plans to roll back hundreds of items to $1.00 but even with the $0.25 increase, I still find that Dollar Tree typically offers prices that can’t be beat.

With that being said, there are 7 main items I always grab when I am there because they are entirely worth the cost!

dollar tree store

I Shop at Dollar Tree Every Week, Here’s 7 Things I Always Buy

Bread – One grocery item we eat a lot of is bread. That is why, anytime I am at my local Dollar Tree, I grab bread. My stores carry name brand bread so I tend to buy multiple loaves and freeze them for future use. I always save a ton when doing this.

bread rack at dollar tree

Greeting Cards – I have to say, overall, greeting cards have gone down hill and have become so expensive. That is why, when I am at Dollar Tree, I’ll browse the greeting cards and grab any for upcoming holidays or birthdays that I like. I then stash them away for that special occasion.

greeting cards at dollar tree

Vitamins and Supplements – I’ve gotten lucky with finding name brand vitamins and supplements at Dollar Tree. My family and I take vitamins daily so when I can find them, I certainly stock up!

goli vitamins at dollar tree

Food Storage Containers – Okay, over the years I’ve learned that people do not return your food storage containers and I constantly found myself running out of them. Now, I grab a few of these 2-packs of Rubbermaid or McCormick storage containers and use only those to give leftovers or treats in to others. That way, my personal food storage containers don’t go missing.

food storage containers at dollar tree

To Go Packs – I like to be prepared for anything so, I typically will grab to go packs of medication or travel size products (like lotion, mouthwash, etc.) to keep in my purse or car. I call them my “just in case” items and Dollar Tree has a great selection of these items.

to go packs of medication at dollar tree

Hand Sanitizer – With it being cold & flu season, rsv season and COVID season, you can never have enough hand sanitizer so I always grab a bottle and ensure I keep one in my car at all times.

hand sanitizer bottles at dollar tree

Seasonal Items – Dollar Tree typically always has a seasonal section and they tend to place items out a few months ahead of time. For example, right now in October, Dollar Tree has both Halloween and Christmas available. Every time I am at Dollar Tree, I snag something new from their seasonal section because I’ve learned that you better get it, before it’s gone.

christmas ornaments at dollar tree

As you can see, there are several items I always grab when I visit Dollar Tree. Hopefully this will give you an idea for items to keep your eye for on your next Dollar Tree trip.

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