Jack Skellington Oreo Treats

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I cannot even begin to express the excitement I have for Halloween. I love that Fall weather is finally here and I am gearing up with The Nightmare Before Christmas crafts and recipes. Today I came up with these Jack Skellington Oreo Treats that you just have to try!

Jack Skellington Oreo Treats

If you’ve ever tried those chocolate dipped oreo cake balls before you know how addicting they can be. These are basically the same idea but you are skipping out on the extra work and calories from the cream cheese in those. This is a super simple yet adorable way to bring a little bit of Jack Skellington into your home!

Supplies Needed to Make Jack Skellington Oreo Treats:

How to Make Jack Skellington Oreo Treats:

  1. In your microwave safe bowl, melt the candy melts in the microwave. You want to heat in 30 second increments and stir in between until the candy is melted.
  2. Place an Oreo inside of the melted chocolate and spoon the chocolate over the top of the Oreo. Give it a little tap and it will help smooth the chocolate out. Remove gently with the spoon and place onto your wax paper.
  3. Repeat step 2 until you have as many chocolate covered Oreos as you want.
  4. Leave the Oreos out at room temperature until the chocolate is hardened. I left mine overnight. Note: If you place these into the fridge or freezer, it will cause condensation on the top and the markers will not write onto the Oreos.
  5. Once completely hardened, you can draw a Jack Skellington face onto each chocolate covered Oreo with the edible black marker. I went over the same drawing a few times to make it darker. jack skellington oreo treats inprocess1
  6. Serve up these and enjoy!

jack skellington oreo treats2


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