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Jurassic World Dino Eggs Treat Bags + Free Printable!

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My house is filled with boys and also their slight addition with Dinosaurs. Can you imagine how crazy it is right now with Jurassic World being released and all? Well, considering all the excitement, I thought creating these Jurassic Dino Eggs Treat Bags would be perfect! Plus I am even sharing the printable treat bag topper with you!

Jurassic World Dino Eggs Treat Bags

While these treat bags are totally suitable for a Jurassic World themed party, these would also be super cute to make and hang out to your child’s classmates when they head back to school. I am thinking that would be awesome for a Halloween party!

Supplies Needed to Make Jurassic World Dino Eggs Treat Bags:

How to Make Jurassic World Dino Eggs Treat Bags:

  1. Print out the treat bag toppers using printer paper or white cardstock.
  2. Fill your treat bags with the candy assortment.
  3. Fold your treat bags down (like a paper sack) and place your treat bag topper of the top.
  4. Staple the treat bag topper and bag together.
  5. Pass out to your family, friends, party guests or whoever will enjoy these Dinosaur Egg Treats!


Jurassic World Dino Eggs Treats Bags Featured

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