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Keeping the Front of Your Home in Tip Top Shape

The front of your home says a lot about you as a family. Just like your shoes when people first meet you, people will make a judgment call depending on how you look. A house that looks looked after, tidy and presentable tells someone you care about your appearance, a house that is messy could say the opposite. 

If you haven’t spent much time on the front of your house, you may find that it’s started to look untidy and make your home look old and tired. You could find weeds growing on your driveway, your garage door needs repairing and cleaning – you may be interested to learn more about the garage door installation process if you think it needs a repair – and your plants dead. 

To help you keep the front of your house as presentable as possible, below are our top tips to do so on a budget. 

Powerwash your driveway 

Your driveway is one of the first things a guest will notice when approaching your property. The longer you have spent not cleaning it, the more moss and weeds will grow between the gaps in the brickwork. These weeds can look particularly messy and make your driveway look old and unappealing. If you have one, go over your driveway with a pressure washer, removing all the dirt from the cracks and cleaning the flooring – you’ll quickly be surprised at the difference this can make! If you don’t have a power washer, a water hose and brush can make a difference as well, although this isn’t as effective as a power washer. 

Add plants to your driveway 

Plants are amazing, they are so good at adding new layers to the interiors of your home. They add color, make a space less bland and are very affordable. They come in many shapes and sizes, helping fit in most spaces of your home. Your driveway, in particular, plants can make it more welcoming with the colors you opt for as well as keep it looking new and looked after. If you take a quick look at Pinterest, you can see many examples of how people have used plants to keep the front of their homes in tip-top shape. Why not visit your local garden center to see what plants they have in which you can bring back today? Don’t forget to purchase a cool-looking pot, these can look just as good as the plants themselves. If you look in a charity shop, they may have one that you can buy, helping you save money

Cleaning your exterior 

Spending some time cleaning the exterior of your home can make a big difference. Whether this is giving your windows a scrub, your garage door a spray or going up to your first floor and cleaning the brickwork, this all needs doing. Yes, it can take some time and seems like a doll job, but by doing so you will look after the appearance of your home, helping make it look appealing and welcoming. 

What tips do you have for looking after the front of your home? Which of the tips above do you most agree with? Let us know in the comment box below.