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Kid-Friendly Mega Bloks Garden Markers

My oldest son is so into growing his own plants, so much in fact I thought it’d be fun to really make our garden Kid-Friendly this year. In order to do that, I came up with these Kid-Friendly Mega Blok Garden Markers!

mega bloks garden markers

If you are a veteran in parenting you most likely have Mega Bloks hanging out around your home. If your kids are older and into LEGO’s chances are they no longer play with these building blocks and I have the perfect (and fun) way to reuse them!

Turn your garden kid-friendly by reusing these building blocks in your garden as garden markers. Fun right? They add some fun color to garden too so that is always a bonus!

How to Make Mega Bloks Garden Markers:

Supplies needed:

mega bloks garden markers supplies


  1. Clean the surface of the Mega Bloks you plan to use. I recommend cleaning with a rough rag and rubbing alcohol to remove any residue and allow the vinyl to stick to the blocks better.
  2. Open up your Silhouette Design Studio Software and create the words of the vegetables you are wanting to mark. For the longer blocks I used a font size of 48 and for the smaller blocks, I used a font size of 36. inprocess1inprocess2
  3. Cut your text out onto your vinyl. I used the Rainbow pack from Expressions Vinyl and mixed up the colors so the garden markers were really colorful but you can use any color you like.
  4. Weed your design.weeded image
  5. Apply transfer tape to the design and apply pressure allow the design to transfer to the transfer tape. Then position the image onto the Mega Blok ensuring it is straight before it sticks.inprocess3
  6. Use your finger to smooth down any edges where the vinyl may be sticking up. Then repeat the steps above for additional marker finished
  7. You will then have your finished Mega Bloks Garden Markers!

Pro Tip: Make sure you allow your vinyl to set for at least 72 hours BEFORE you place them outside in your garden. This allows time for the vinyl to seal allowing it to be stronger in the different weather elements.

mega bloks garden markers2


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Disclosure: I was given vinyl from Expressions Vinyl to help facilitate this post. The ideas and opinions expressed remain my own.

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