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Looking to Add Character to Your Home? Consider These 5 Wallpaper Styles

From sunrise scenes to botanicals, bold patterns, to geometric prints, wallpaper is a clever way to transform the look of your house. 
While the right choice can significantly beautify your home, get it wrong, and your interiors might turn out to be horrific looking. 
Choosing the right wallpaper to add character to your home can be tricky. So, keep reading for some tricks to help you make the right choice. 

Renaissance Wallpaper

Are you looking for a dewy and aesthetic look for your bedroom? The easiest way to do that is to go for a renaissance inspired wallpaper design. 
Try to find wallpapers with intrinsic designs and illustrations that can light up the room’s spirits. You can also consider doing an accent wall with these kinds of wallpapers. The design will captivate the beauty of the space and add significant character to your room. 
Do you want something eclectic and fusion style for your home? Indigo induced wallpapers might just be what you are looking for. Go for interesting textures built upon an indigo colour base and watch your home turn into a colourful renaissance studio. 

Delicate Vintage Wallpaper 

If subtle and charming is your thing, then you can go for delicate vintage wallpapers for your home. The light texture and feel of the wallpaper can induce comfort into the room, all while elevating its appearance. A great thing about using light-toned wallpaper is that it will evolve as your home decor changes over time. 
Another way to incorporate delicate prints is to go for high-shine metallic wallpapers with silver prints to add a luxurious touch to your interiors. Make sure you create contrast with bold colours for your furniture to bring it all together. 

Light Tropical Wallpaper 

Would you like to add some English-themed TV show vibe to your home? The easiest way to do that is to embrace light-coloured wallpapers that highlight royal pastel colours.
You can also go for tropical plant prints that add sophistication and trendsetting character to your space. Include some patches with leafy vines on there, making for a fresh look. The green on your walls will also encourage renewal and rejuvenation and make you fall in love with your home again. 

Boho-Chic Wallpaper 

Boho chic wallpaper designs are very underrated. These stylish patterns are for people who have multifaceted personalities. If you would like to go the unconventional route, you can get some boho-chic inspired wallpaper for your home. These free-spirited abstract wallpaper designs are sure to add some solid character to your home.
To give your walls a life of their own, you can look for boho wallpapers that have birds. Go for plain, patterned wallpapers or colour blocking for a more minimalist interior. Don’t forget to have some plants and greenery on your walls to achieve a good boho look. 

Animal Print Wallpaper

Have you been looking to include some animal print in your home decor but don’t know how to do it? Why not get some tiger or zebra print wallpapers for your walls? This choice requires courage since mastering animal print in your home can be tricky. 
Having animal print on your walls adds a sense of adventure and glamour to your interior. It’s an excellent choice for the daring and unapologetic you. 
You can complement your animal print walls with natty pinstripe walls to take it even further. The vertical lines and varied spacing in such designs will add a sense of motion to your walls. 

Final Words

All your home decor elements will fall into place if you have the right wallpaper covering your walls. Making wallpaper design decisions for the different rooms of your house can be overwhelming. 
To make it easy, keep our list of ideas handy the next time you go shopping for wallpapers for your home.