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How to Make a Mini Diaper Cake

how to make a mini diaper cake

Diaper Cakes are popular when it comes to baby shower’s. They make perfect gifts for the parents-to-be and they also make adorable decorations. I recently had my Baby Shower and wanted to share my tips on How to Make a Mini Diaper Cake! I hope this makes it easier for you when you decide to make one!


The first thing you need to do is decide on the “theme” of your baby shower. Your diaper cake decorations will depend on the type of theme and colors you chose for your baby shower. Once that is all decided it’s time to head shopping to get the essentials.

What You’ll Need:

  • Diapers (I used the Babies R Us brand diapers since I had stocked up on them last year but you can use any kind and roughly any size)
  • Rubber Bands (found these at Dollar Tree)
  • Clear Adhesive Tape
  • Ribbon (I went with 2 different kinds and overlapped them but this is totally optional)
  • Wooden Dowels (found these at Hobby Lobby in a pack of 24 for around $4.00- don’t forget to use their weekly 40% off coupon)
  • Cake rounds (optional but found they help keep the diaper cakes stable)
  • Decorations (I used tulle, a hand-painted giraffe, and some crinkle paper. You can use whatever you want to decorate)

Note: I created 12 mini diaper cakes that consisted of 16 diapers on the bottom tier and 8 diapers on the top tier. You can change these dimensions if you want but just plan your top tier to be about half of the amount of your bottom tier.


  • Roll your diapers. The easiest way to do this is roll them with the bottom end (thicker part) and work your way up. Otherwise they tend to pop open. Once rolled, place a small piece of tape to help hold it together.
  • Create small bundles of diapers. Tape doesn’t like to stick to the diapers for very long so once you have about 6 diapers rolled and taped, take a rubber band and tie it around a small bundle of diapers. This helps keep those diapers assembled.

diaper cake with rubber bands

  • Once you’ve created a few bundles, use another rubber band to secure your entire bottom tier together. For me, I did 2 small bundles of 6 and then added the extra diapers around to create a perfect circle and equal the 16 diapers of my bottom tier. I then added a large rubber band on the outside to hold it entirely together.

bottom tier of diaper cake

  • The next step is do the same steps above for your top tier. Remember you want to make your top tier about half the size of your bottom tier. So if you are using my dimensions, the top tier will be 8 diapers.
  • Insert your wooden dowels into the bottom tier. These help keep the tiers from moving away from each other and give it some stability. If you need to trim your wooden sticks so they are not seen at the top, you can do so with scissors just make sure to cut off sharp edges as they can cause holes in the diapers.

wooden dowels in diaper cake

  • Place the top tier onto the bottom tier by carefully threading the wooden dowels through the diapers on the top tier.

tiers stacked

  • Once you get this far you are in the home stretch and able to decorate it. When wrapping the ribbon around the cake I suggest measuring it around each cake since each diaper cake will be a little different in size. Just wrap around, cut, and then tape. Make sure to place the ribbon over the rubber bands so you cannot see them and keep the tape towards the back of the diaper cake.

I added some tulle by stuffing it into the holes between the diapers, added some crinkle paper to the top, and added my hand-painted giraffe to the top for the finishing touch. This is my final result:

how to make a diaper cake2

I would love to see your final results when you make your mini diaper cake. Feel free to send me your images or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 🙂