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How to Make a Mini Diaper Cake (Step By Step Guide)

This Mini Diaper Cake is the perfect gift and even doubles as adorable baby shower centerpieces. It is easy to make and can be customized to fit with any baby shower theme.

safari mini diaper cake

Diaper Cakes have taken the world by storm.

Not only are they adorable, but they double as a gift for the soon to be mom and dad. You can make them as simple as you’d like or make them extravagant too.

Mini-diaper cakes like this one is quite easy to make. You can often find items to decorate them at your local Dollar Tree and you can make them in any color or theme you’d like.

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blue mini diaper cake

What You’ll Need:

  • Disposable Diapers – When I made this for my middle child’s baby shower, I used the Babies R Us brand diapers. You can use any size and brand but I do find that the Premie/Newborn tend to work better for diaper cakes.
  • Rubber Bands – Any color and size will work. I found a variety pack of rubber bands at Dollar Tree
  • Clear Adhesive Tape – Make sure it’s clear and not frosted. You want to hide the tape as much as possible.
  • Ribbon – You can use any colors and designs you’d like. Dollar Tree also carries ribbon. I chose a solid color and overlayed with a print that matched my baby shower.
  • Wooden Dowels – Back when I made this mini diaper cake, I found mine at Hobby Lobby but I’ve now seen them at Dollar Tree. You just want them long enough to hold each
  • Cake rounds – This is optional but I did find that using the cardboard cake rounds helped keep each tier of the diaper cake stable.
  • Decorations – You will want any little items you can decorate the diaper cake with. I used tulle, a hand-painted giraffe, and some crinkle paper. You can use whatever you want to decorate and even use colors and designs to match the baby shower you’re attending.
mini diaper cake on table

Frequently Asked Questions

How many diapers does even mini diaper cake use?
I created 12 mini diaper cakes that consisted of 16 diapers on the bottom tier and 8 diapers on the top tier. You can change these dimensions if you want but just plan your top tier to be about half of the amount of your bottom tier.

Can I use cloth diapers?
You can certainly use cloth diapers but keep in mind when rolled, they will be quite bulky so keep that in mind when making your diaper cakes.

How to Make a Mini Diaper Cake (Step By Step Guide)

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Step by step on how to make a mini diaper cake for a baby shower
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • Roll your diapers. The easiest way to do this is roll them with the bottom end (thicker part) and work your way up. Otherwise they tend to pop open. Once rolled, place a small piece of tape to help hold it together.
  • Create small bundles of diapers. Tape doesn’t like to stick to the diapers for very long so once you have about 6 diapers rolled and taped, take a rubber band and tie it around a small bundle of diapers. This helps keep those diapers assembled.
  • Secure it together. Once you’ve created a few bundles, use another rubber band to secure your entire bottom tier together. For me, I did 2 small bundles of 6 and then added the extra diapers around to create a perfect circle and equal the 16 diapers of my bottom tier. I then added a large rubber band on the outside to hold it entirely together. Make sure your rubber bands are in the middle of the diapers because you’ll cover them up using the wide ribbon.
  • The next step is do the same steps above for your top tier. Remember you want to make your top tier about half the size of your bottom tier. So if you are using my dimensions, the top tier will be 8 diapers.
  • Insert your wooden dowels into the bottom tier. These help keep the tiers from moving away from each other and give it some stability. If you need to trim your wooden sticks so they are not seen at the top, you can do so with scissors just make sure to cut off sharp edges as they can cause holes in the diapers.
  • Place the top tier onto the bottom tier by carefully threading the wooden dowels through the diapers on the top tier.
  • Once you get this far you are in the home stretch and able to decorate it. When wrapping the ribbon around the cake I suggest measuring it around each cake since each diaper cake will be a little different in size. Just wrap around, cut, and then tape. Make sure to place the ribbon over the rubber bands so you cannot see them and keep the tape towards the back of the diaper cake.
  • I added some tulle by stuffing it into the holes between the diapers, added some crinkle paper to the top, and added my hand-painted giraffe to the top for the finishing touch.
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