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Make Your Own Minecraft Box Top Collector

My son started Kindergarten this year and I want to be involved with his school as much as I can. I have signed up to volunteer at his school and I am even partnering with members of the PTA for school events throughout the year. So it’s no surprise that I am also donating to his school through Box Tops for Education who has partnered with me today to bring you this tutorial on How to Make Your Own Minecraft Box Top Collector.

Minecraft Box Top Collector

Before I share with you how to make this box I want to share with you the importance of collecting Box Tops. This program is a way to earn free money for your school just by purchasing select General Mills products that you would most likely purchase anyway. Once you buy your items, you can clip the Box Tops off the boxes and collect them. Once you have enough saved, you can turn them into your local school where they can earn money to pay for school supplies, books, new lab equipment, computers or whatever is needed for that school year! It’s a great way to give back without any additional funding from your own pocket.

I shopped at my local Walmart and purchased a few items I knew my family would enjoy. I found items that currently contain 5 Box Tops (the normal 1 + 4 bonus box tops) which means even more money for my son’s school. It also worked out great because I upcylced the Cookie Crisp Cereal box to make this Box Top Collection Box. Want to make your own? Check out the tutorial below!

general mills products with bonus box tops


Supplies Needed to Make a Minecraft Box Top Collector:

  • Cookie Crips Cereal Box
  • Duct Tape
  • Scissors
  • Green Tissue Paper
  • Tape or Clear Craft Glue
  • Black Cardstock
  • Green Cardstock (optional but helps cover wording on box)

minecraft box top collector supply

How to Make a Minecraft Box Top Collector:

  1. Cut off the box tops from the box. In this case, the bonus box tops were on the backside so I just cut them off and used duct tape to secure the hole.minecraft box top collector1
  2. Next you will want to cut a hole in the very top where you will be placing the box tops in. You will then need to secure this area with duct tape as well.minecraft box top collector2
  3. If you are using green cardstock to keep the images and wording from showing through the tissue paper, now is the time to tape it to the box. I only used a piece for the front and top of the box. I left the backside untouched since you won’t exactly be looking at it all the time anyway.
  4. Wrap the entire box in 2-3 sheets of green tissue paper and tape it on the backside. I sorted of wrapped it like a present.minecraft box top collector3
  5. Cut a small hole into the top of the box where you made an opening in step 2. Don’t worry if the tissue paper rips a little bit, it doesn’t have to be perfect.minecraft box top collector4
  6. Cut a creeper face out in the black cardstock and glue it to the front. Tip: I Googled “Minecraft Creeper Silhouette” and found an image. I enlarged it, printed it, and then cut and traced it out onto the black cardstock to get it to look exactly the way I wanted.minecraft box top collector5
  7. Start filling up the box by collecting plenty of Box Tops for your school! Enjoy!

Minecraft Box Top Collector Featured

You can learn about more ways you can help your school through Box Tops for Education HERE.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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