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Movie Night Munchie Gift Basket

Disclosure: I was compensated by Sam’s Club to share this information with you. However, that does not influence my personal thoughts and/or opinions. 

The cold weather is here and if you live somewhere I do then you probably have snow too. While I love almost everything about this time of year, I dislike the cold. For that exact reason, I enjoy movie nights at home, cuddled up next to an open fire and enjoying the company of my family. That is actually the inspiration behind this Movie Night Munchie Gift Basket I am going to share with you today. It has everything you need to make your movie night fun and tasteful! Plus, it makes an adorable gift for the holidays too! 


What You Need to Make a Movie Night Munchie Gift Basket:

  • A large tin or basket
  • A piece of wood or something to raise the items in the basket (you can even use tissue paper)
  • Lots of munchies. I chose a variety of chips, jerky sticks, pudding packs, hot chocolate, cookies, etc. Get creative with it! I went to my local Sam’s Club to get everything I needed and I’ll explain that more below.
  • Bows or ribbon

How to Make a Movie Night Munchie Gift Basket:

First start by placing something into the bottom of your tin or basket. If you don’t, the items you place into the basket will fall to the bottom and you won’t be able to display them as well. I actually bought what was supposed to be a gift basket from Sam’s Club and dissected it. I loved the items in it but I could turn 1 gift into many by removing items from the pre-made basket. It came with a wooden piece that was perfect for placing inside my tin. Besides, the candy cane mugs were a must-have! 




Next, start adding items into your basket. I found this big pack of Land O Lakes Cocoa and I took one of them out for the basket. I placed it into the middle of the mugs and then filled the mugs with stuff.


One item was the Jack Links Beef Steak Sticks (one in each mug).movie-night-munchie-gift-basket-step5

I then bought a bag of Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses (who doesn’t love chocolate?) and placed a handful into the bottom of the mugs. movie-night-munchie-gift-basket-step6

This is what all of that looked like put together. It has chips, beef steak sticks, hot cocoa, cookies, chocolate, pudding and quite a few more items. I love how it turned out.


What to know the best part? Even after all the items I used to make this one gift basket, I have enough to make several more. Which means I got several holiday gifts crossed off my list! I found it all at Sam’s Club. Obviously, you buy in bulk and save money. I walked around the store thinking about the different types of baskets I could make. I ended up with the Movie Night Munchie idea but you can even do a chocolate lovers gift basket and snag all chocolate related items. Sam’s Club makes it easy and they even have their own private label (Member’s Mark) of items you can use too! Sam’s Club truly is a one-stop holiday shop. I was able to save time by picking up everything I needed in one trip, including a wide range of fresh and packaged ingredients and a few festive items to package everything up nicely.

A homemade, edible gift doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. All you need is a couple of quality food finds and a bit of creativity.


Oh and did I mention they even have a large package of bows that you can use for presents and place onto your gift basket? I totally bought those too! 

Aside from the items I bought, I found several holiday packages that you could use and split up to make gift baskets for gift giving. One of my favorites were these cookie tins. So cute right? sams-club-holiday

So what are you waiting for? Head to your local Sam’s Club and pick up items to put together a holiday gift basket for someone special on your list. You can also visit Sam’s Club website to check out more of what they have to offer and to find a location near you. You can even place an order online and pick up in-store to make shopping even easier!!