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My Experience Potty Training with Pull-Ups

This post is sponsored by Pull-Ups® Training Pants.

A few weeks ago I shared 5 Signs of Potty Training Readiness since we are currently going through the potty training journey with our youngest son. Now that some time has passed I thought I would share My Experience Potty Training with Pull-Ups® Training Pants and the Pull-Ups® Potty Partnership . If you are unsure what I am talking about, continue on my friend…

My Experience Potty Training with Pull-Ups

My Experience Potty Training with Pull-Ups

Look, I’ll admit, I might just be a little biased when it comes to Huggies/Pull-Ups products. I have used their products with my oldest son and loved them so I continued that on with my second child. Yes, I have given other brands a try but always came right back to my true love of baby products (I’ve even written many blog posts about them, you can read one here). With that being said, that still doesn’t change the fact that I give my honest thoughts and opinions when it comes to trying products so know that everything I say is truly coming from my heart!

Now that we have that out in the open, let’s talk about my experience using the Pull-Ups Potty Partnership.

I think we can all agree while our children share similarities, each of our children is still very different. Different in the way they learn, different in the way they see and handle the world, and different in the way they understand things. So doesn’t it make sense to have programs specifically designed to handle those differences? I think so, and so does Pull-Ups.

What It Is

The Pull-Ups Potty Partnership is an entirely new way to potty train. It is a personalized and comprehensive program that allows you to partner with your child through the potty training journey. It’s specifically designed to work on with your child’s unique personality, on their schedule, and cater to how they learn. They also walk you through using various Pull-Ups products to help make than transition from diapers to training pants easier.


My Experience

I don’t know about you but I already feel in love with the description of the program. Simply because I know that just because I have experience with potty training from my oldest son, doesn’t mean it will be the same the second time around. To be honest, it hasn’t been.

Both of my boys are very smart and my youngest son Tarek (who is currently being potty trained now) took an interest at a very young age much like his older brother. When we started Pull-Ups he loved them. In fact, he actually just likes running around outside in just those and nothing else (yup, he’s all boy- HA).

My Experience Potty Training with Pull-Ups2

Also much like his older brother, Tarek has done great at telling us when he needs to go pee on the potty. However, telling us when he needs to go #2 is a different story. We are trying to teach him the concept that going poo in his Pull-Ups is an accident (we say uh-oh) so he realizes that we go elsewhere.

Truthfully, I’ve been worried that all of our progress so far would resort in us having to go back to diapers and that’s a common concern of parents. In fact, many parents ask “Should I be Worried About Regression?”. You can watch a video (like I did) created by renowned child development/potty training expert Dr. Heather Wittenberg below. It truly made me feel better about my concern!

I want to point out that I am naturally a parent that is over concerned and over worried about everything. I Google and study everything and anything I can and I’ve found myself using the Pull-Ups Potty Partnership tools more and more. Their site is filled with common questions answered from expert Dr. Heather Whittenberg such as, “Should my little guy stand while peeing?” (you can watch this video below) and answers too. They also have loads of information from potty training experts, product information, tools like calendars and games you can play, seriously, if you need something to help you along with potty training – they have it! It’s literally all in one place so I’m not having to constantly search for the answers I need elsewhere. Here’s the video I was referring to that answered one of my pressing questions: Should my little guy stand while peeing?

Overall, I’ve enjoyed the potty training experience this far. I’ve loved using Pull-Ups in conjunction with the Pull-Ups Potty Partnership. I’ve been able to build a bond with my son on the last potty journey experience I may ever take (we think we are done having children). I will say that you should pay attention to cues from your child to know if they are really ready. While training pants are great for helping that transition from diapers to the toilet, they are not as absorbent as diapers. Therefore, don’t force your child into them until you know they are ready.


If you are on your way to potty training I encourage you to check out the Pull-Ups Potty Partnership and learn all you can. Build that wonderful bond and enjoy the experience because truly, it only comes around once with each child and each experience will be its own.

I want to hear about your experience potty training! Did you use Pull-Ups during the journey?

Pull-Ups® Training Pants are designed specifically to help teach potty training skills. Try them now at your local retailer and visit the to learn more about the Pull-Ups® Potty Partnership and discover your child’s potty personality.