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New Year’s Resolution Ideas For Business Owners

It’s that time of year where looking back on our past actions and trying to learn from them puts us in that pensive, reflective kind of mood.

As business owners and leaders, it can also be that approaching this from an operational context, not just personal, can yield fruit aka success.

No matter the size of your business, you always have room for growth. No business can stay the same for a decade and not fall into some kind of stagnation, as they require continual attention and rejuvenation to work well.

While you’re pondering your personal new years resolutions, be that your desire to work out more or to consume less sugary food, why not curate a few new years business resolutions also? Try not to be too vague here, instead listing pertinent examples backed up by experiences you have gone through can help you apply preventative measures to avoid negative scenarios, while also orienting your firm in a direction you most hope to meet.

Here are some New Year’s Resolution Ideas For Business Owners:

Staff Satisfaction

Staff satisfaction is likely important to you, but it’s not always that this is completely assured. After all, it’s not a measure we can wish into being. Perhaps this new decade you wish to take more frequent stock of just how your staff are doing, or how you can improve your office atmosphere, or how you may prevent issues such as workplace bullying from ever taking place within your four professional walls again.

Staff satisfaction truly does matter, because it not only contributes to the quality of productivity they can offer, but it also completely overwrites the internal reputation of your business. Most ethical business leaders are also interested in curating a business atmosphere where people wish to work, not simply endure, and so this could be a rational and productive new goal for you to focus on.

Curating The Workflow

Curating your workflow can also be a fantastic new measure of providing value to your staff. You may decide that appointment reminder services can be integrated into their workflow planning in order to keep daily duties ticking over like clockwork.

It might also be that you update your entire office system to a new standard format, something you may have been putting off for a long time. Using the services of another managed IT company can help you start the new year with new terminals and an even more reliable server setup. It’s all about how you progress to the best end result, and how this can be defined in the first place. Every firm will need to update or curate their workflow once in a while, so this can be a golden new format to adhere to.

New Ethical Standards

Ethical standards are important in any industry. However, most of us know that firms can find themselves hiding their practices behind a veil of secrecy, quite purposefully approximated in order to shield their bad practices. This in itself can seem like an unhappy and quite unforgivable arrangement to have.

If you’ve noticed that certain measures have failed your usual moral backbone, resolving those and setting a new dedication to transparency can not only inform your best practice, but it will allow you to promote yourself as such. For example, a fruit supply company simply cannot promote themselves as the best option without a true dedication to fairtrade allowances, or without contributing to environmental sustenance. At least thinking about this new setup can be vital for any new firm to capture.

Renewed Recruitment Success

Recruitment is an important thing to get right. You’ve likely noticed that. That being said, faulty recruitment can sometimes take a long time to fix, because it’s only when you realize that the best candidates are being unseen or that you’re having trouble finding those for your open roles that you may need to refine your approach here.

This is a worthwhile thing to understand. Using the best recruitment services as a third party option, or even investing in an excellent headhunter to poach professionals from other companies (within a fully legal context) can help you achieve renewed recruitment success. After all, at the end of the day your business is only as effective or holds only as much potential as the individuals within it do, regardless of how refined and effective your internal systems are.

Providing Further Value

It can be hard for a business to justify any progression if the results of those efforts are not easily predictable. But what if your firm decided to enhance its utility and value regardless? For example, while you may not know how many people will sign up for your new online account feature, you know doing so could help you provide a more streamlined support experience, or allow customers to reorder items easily, or have them sign up for your newsletter with up-to-date contact information. 

Sometimes, further value may not have dollars, cents or predictive growth assigned to its development, but that doesn’t necessarily mean this approach is worthless. Noting that could be the next, most prominent step toward your potential success.


Perhaps you wish to take a new direction you have rarely focused on before. Perhaps instead of opting for your usual marketing strategies, you wish to try something completely out of your comfort zone, like a cross-promotion with another brand. Doing something like this could help you exercise your value in conjunction with another firm, share an audience with a brand you respect, while also helping your team exercise their risk-taking and business to business communicative skills. 

If the ethos behind any ‘news years resolution’ is to try new things and get out of your comfort zone, it only follows that these tips should help you with that business approach. With this advice, we hope you can develop those resolutions with the best possible results.