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Pokemon Go Safety Tips for Users

If you’ve even spent 2 minutes on Facebook over the last few days then you know Pokemon Go has hit phones everywhere! This highly anticipated game was released for iOS and Android Platforms for FREE. Now people everywhere are walking around to find Pokemon and because of that, I thought it’d be a good time to discuss some Pokemon Go Safety Tips for Users!

Pokemon Go Safety Tips for Users

Pokemon Go Safety Tips for Users

If you haven’t done it or seen it yet you should know that people wondering your neighborhood in the middle of the night with their phones glowing in the dark, are mostly likely chasing down Pokemon.

For the last few days people have been posting all over social media their finds and catches. Pokemon Masters are sharing their favorite tips and tricks for using the app but now is a great time to remind everyone to be safe when using the mobile game.

About the app

Pokemon Go is a free mobile game download that you can find in the iOs App Store and Android App Store. It is meant to get users walking and moving. You walk to find loot and Pokemon and it uses the GPS connection within your phone to connect with satellites to pull real world surroundings. You can read all about how to use the Pokemon Go App Here.

Because everything is happening in real time and with real world surroundings, Pokemon can appear in random and odd places.

With that being said, here are some safety tips for Pokemon Go Users:

  1. Respect places of business – Pokemon can spawn within businesses and even government buildings such as police departments. Please be respectful of these places. Some police stations have even taken to social media to ask patrons to remain outside to catch their Pokemon. A reasonable request considering this is still a game (a very cool one). Speaking of police stations, if a cop approaches you for whatever reason, respectfully explain what you are doing and if asked to leave, do it. No need to argue with authority, you can take your Poke battle elsewhere.
  2. Be aware of intersections and busy roads – I am sure we will hear of an unfortunate accident involving a pedestrian walking into traffic to catch a Pokemon. I don’t wish it to happen but sometimes the excitement of the game takes over the common sense of our brains. Please look both ways before crossing and avoid standing in the middle of busy roads. That Pokemon (even if it’s rare) isn’t worth it.
  3. Be mindful of neighbors – If you plan to roam your neighborhood during the day or even at night, it’s a good reminder that you should not pass on private property. Keep in mind not everyone knows what you are doing so they may see you as a threat and we live in a time where people feel the need to defend their families. Avoid jumping fences, knocking on doors, or even entering yards without prior permission.
  4. Travel in groups – If you are allowing your children to roam your area and have fun with friends that is great. However, we still live in a scary world so I suggest having your children roam in groups to ensure their safety from predators lurking around. You can even set limitations on how far you allow them to travel. Better safe than sorry.
  5. Keep your phone available – It’s tempting to want to put your phone into airplane mode or do not disturb mode when trying to catch Pokemon but don’t do it. What if a family member needed to reach you for an emergency? Keep your phone on and volume turned high just in case.

Pokemon Go Safety Tips for Users2

Now you know how to be safe when using the Pokemon Go App. So get out there, get some exercise, and become a Pokemon Master!

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Tim W.

Wednesday 13th of July 2016

Hey, fellow poke go players (and op of course). A couple extra tips I'd recommend adding are to not play and drive.

1. It's possible to enter an encounter at a stop sign/light, but I'd strongly recommend against this if you're behind the wheel. It's easy to think you're about to get it, so driving a few feet won't hurt anything.. but that could be all it takes to hit someone (pedestrian or fellow driver).

2. As always, pay close attention to pedestrians. You may not even own a mobile device, but with games like this drawing so much focus, you don't want to run someone over just because they weren't paying enough attention. Their punishment should be embarrassment for not noticing you, not serious injury or death. Polite honking is a completely appropriate action to make your vehicle seen in my opinion.