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Pre-Travel Maintenance Tips

A new year means new adventures. Whether you’ve made a resolution to get outdoors more or travel more with the family, there are some things you need to do to prepare for your outings. Today I wanted to share some Pre-Travel Maintenance Tips to help ensure your next adventure goes smoothly. 

Pre-Travel Maintenance Tips

Whether you are going to be heading to the next town over or driving thousands of miles for a family vacation, you want to make sure that you are prepared for the worst to happen. After all, cars have issues and breakdown all the time. Preparation is the best way to avoid any trouble when hitting the road. Below I am sharing some of the best pre-travel maintenance tips around. I surely hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me!

Check Your Tire Pressure – The pressure is on to make sure your tires are properly filled with the correct amount of air. Doing so, will help you avoid flats and other costly repairs. If you are unsure what your PSI tire pressure should be, either check the sticker on the inside of your driver door or simply take it to your local automotive shop and they can check it for you. It’s often free to do. 

Get An Oil Change – Oil changes are vital and are the best way to keep your engine running smoothly. It is recommend getting an oil change or at least the levels of your oils checked before you hit the road. I take my cars to my local Jiffy Lube because I know that will not only do a thorough inspection of my car, but they will let me know what does and does not need to be done on my car. Plus, if I am not needing an oil change, they will top off my oils for free. They have been great at helping me keep my car running the way it should be. Oh and did I mention they often have coupons listed right on their website?

Gas Up – This usually goes without saying but gassing up before a road trip is a must. You never know how long you will be driving without a gas station near by. I like to refill my gas tank as soon as it reaches half a tank. No guessing whether I am out of gas and my car seems to run better and I seem to go through gas less often when I maintain it at half a tank and above. I like to utilize my Smith’s (our local Kroger owned store) rewards to save on gas and now that Shell Gas is partnered with them, it makes it even easier. I remember when my family and I drove down to Disneyland about a year-ago and there was a Shell gas station at just about every stop we made. It makes saving and refueling so easy. You can sign-up for the Shell Gas Fuel Rewards for Free Here.

Prepare For An Emergency – One thing I never leave my home without is my emergency roadside kit. I make sure we have everything we need to stay warm or to work on our car if we were ever to have a breakdown and need assistance. Jumper cables, space blankets, tire wrench – you name it. These can be put together pretty inexpensively but can really come in handy in case of a breakdown. Another thing you might want to look into is adding emergency roadside assistance to your auto insurance policy. For me, it only cost $5 for a 6-month premium and that is entirely worth the peace of mind in case of an emergency situation. 

Gather the Essentials – An emergency roadside kit is one thing but you also want to make sure you have the essentials. GPS navigation, water, chargers (even a portable charger) and snacks are all vital items to have in your car during a road trip. Then if you do run into car trouble, you have things to help pass the time, keep a good sense of direction and even have a way to contact others when in need. 

Alert Others of Your Travels – This is not really a car maintenance thing but I think it’s worth mentioning… One thing I really like to do is inform friends and family when we are leaving and where we are going. I am not saying to blast that all over Facebook but that can alert burglars that you are away. However, letting others know where you are can help in case of an emergency. Better safe than sorry. 

I hope this list helps you prepare for your next road trip and helps ensure you arrive to your destination safely. 

So what are your best pre-travel maintenance tips? 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, the opinions expressed remain my own.

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