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Preparing To Move To A New Property

If you’re preparing to move home you’ll have lots of tasks to work your way through. The preparation stages can feel a little chaotic, which it’s why it’s vital to get organized. To make a great start, here are five key areas to focus on.

1 . Clear out unwanted items

Preparing to move to a new property is a great opportunity to clear out your unwanted items. If you’ve got lots of clutter, or items that you never use, it’s a waste of time to pack these. Holding onto clutter isn’t very sustainable and so it’s better to dispose of what you don’t want.

There are lots of different ways that you can dispose of unwanted belongings. Firstly, you could sell your items using apps like Let Go or Declutter. If you have unwanted clothing or cosmetics items, check out charity projects like ‘Dress For Success’ or ‘Project Beauty Share.’

2. Organize your bills

If you’re moving to a new property it’s wise to start organizing your bills well in advance. Now might be a good chance to close your accounts, in search of cheaper providers. If you prefer you could transfer your accounts to your new property, using the same providers at your new address.

To compare prices on energy companies take a look at the Power Switch website, here you can compare prices on a range of different energy companies, including Direct Energy, Green Mountain Energy, and Ambit Energy.

3. Find a great moving service

Finding a great moving company will take the stress out of the moving process. Look for a company with ample experience, and a great reputation. Check if your removal company offers insurance coverage, or if you’ll need to do this separately. Many moving companies also offer packing services, and this is a great way to save time. 

Before you commit to a removal company, establish your needs and clear up all your queries. If you need a little more guidance check out these key questions to ask your removal company.

4. Budget your finances

When you’re moving home you’ll have plenty of expenses to budget, you’ll need to factor in removal fees, packaging materials, cleaning fees and settling your bills. In the early stages of preparing to move you’ll need to find a Mortgage Lender offering the best rate for you. There are plenty of other financial considerations to make including:

  • Valuations
  • Legal support
  • Real estate agent expenses
  • Storage expenses
  • Mail redirecting

5. Talk to your kids

If you have children they may be apprehensive about moving, particularly if it’s a big move. It’s vital that you talk honestly with your children about the move, addressing their worries and concerns. Younger children are likely to have a harder time understanding, it may be easier to use games or moving home picture books to explain. Older children may find it particularly hard if they are having to move schools, and will need support with this.

6. Packing tips 

Packing is one of the most important house-move chores, Here are a few general tips to help you pack:

  • Ensure that you label every box, (write which items are inside and the room the box should go in when you get to your new home).
  • Packing is best done early, it can take a while and you don’t want to run out of time.
  • Take extra care when packing fragile items, and label these boxes accordingly.

With the help of these moving home tips you’ll soon be organized for your house move. Moving home can be a stressful time which is why it’s vital to create a handy moving home checklist.