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Pumpkin Yogurt Face Mask

When you skins needs some TLC nothing is better than a good old homemade mask. This Pumpkin Yogurt Face Mask is sure to leave your skin looking and feeling it’s best!

pumpkin yogurt face mask

After a long hot summer (or even a cold harsh winter) our skin needs some tender loving care. With Fall in the air I thought it would be a great idea to uses Pumpkins to create a Pumpkin Yogurt Face Mask that will make your skin feel hydrated and rejuvenated!

This mask leaves your skin soft, smooth, and youthful.  No scary or unpronouncable chemicals in this mixture-just simple, proven ingredients that are safe enough to eat!

Ingredients Needed to Make a Pumpkin Yogurt Face Mask:

  • ½ cup pure pumpkin puree
  • ¼ plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon

How to Make a Pumpkin Yogurt Face Mask:

  1. Combine all 3 ingredients in a bowl until well blended.pumpkin yogurt face mask ingredients
  2. Smooth a generous amount over face and let it sit for 15-20 minutes- I usually leave mine until its completely dried. Make sure to avoid getting any in your eye since the cinnamon can burn.
  3. Place the remaining mixture in an airtight container and leave in the refrigerator. This recipe makes enough for 3-4 masks and will last several weeks refrigerated.
  4. Use once or twice a week and see how beautiful your skin looks.

Note: Skin may be pink or even slightly red after mask, this is due to the cinnamon. Some people react more than others but it usually fades in just a few minutes.

Pumpkin Yogurt Face Mask Featured


Benefits Behind These Ingredients:


  • alpha hydroxy acids – smooth and softens skin (anti aging)
  • vitamins A and C- soothes, softens, boosts collagen
  • natural enzymes-dissolves dry skin


  • lactic acid-smooths and exfoliates skin
  • moisturizing and refreshing


  • Improves circulation and plumps the skin (filling in fine lines)
  • Increases collagen levels
  • Helps heal acne and eczema

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Monday 8th of October 2018

This mask completely burned my skin. It says to keep on for 15-20 minutes, but I couldn't take how much it was burning so I washed it off after only 5 minutes. My skin was so red it looked like I had been out at the beach all day with no sun screen. Heat was emanating off of my face for the next couple of hours. I should have tried it on my hand first before using, so that's my fault. I did read that cinnamon is good for acne and because it's a spice it can be an irritant on skin so use with caution.

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