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25 Quick Elf on The Shelf Ideas

If you’re a busy parent looking for Easy and Quick Elf on The Shelf Ideas that can be done in 10 minutes or less, say no more!

collage of quick and easy elf on the shelf ideas

25 Quick Elf on The Shelf Ideas Done In 10 Minutes or Less

After participating in the Elf on Shelf Shenanigans for years, I’ve learned that by the time it’s time to move our Elf, I am exhausted and have little to no creativity.

So, I’ve gathered 25 Quick Elf on The Shelf Ideas that are so easy to do, they can be done in 10 minutes or less. That means less time trying to figure out how to move your Elf and more time to enjoy the holidays. Yay!

elf on the shelf on a christmas wreath

What You Need for Quick Ways To Move Your Elf on The Shelf:

  • An Elf on The Shelf
  • 10 Minutes of your time
  • Some random accessories you likely already have at home to make these fun Elf on The Shelf ideas come to life.

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Snowman Elf
All you need is a few rolls of toilet paper, a black Sharpie and an orange Sharpie. Set up your elf on a counter or table and draw a few snowman details onto the toilet paper. So easy and fun!
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Elf Magnet
All you need is a few pairs of your child's underwear, your elf and some fridge magnets to make this happen. It'll take 5 minutes or less to put this together.
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Lying In The Silverware
This is so easy and cute! Hide your elf in your silverware drawer so when the kids go to eat breakfast, they find their elf!
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Marshmallow Bath
Let your Elf relax after a long day at the North Pole in a bowl full of mini marshmallows. It only takes a few minutes to make this happen!
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Hanging Around
Grab one of those candy cane tubes filled with candy at the store and have your elf hang from it somewhere around the house. It can even be the Christmas tree! Easy and fun!
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Elf Getting That Vitamin C
Want to boost your elf's immune system? Grab an orange and a straw and make it look like your elf is sipping on some orange juice.
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Message With Cereal
Want to leave your kids a message from their elf? Have them spell it in cereal on the counter.
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Kit-Kat Jenga
Grab a few Kit-Kats while you're at the store and use them to build a little Jenga game. Easy, fun and the kids will have a treat when they are done.
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Elf Sack Race
All you need for this idea is your elf, some stuffed animals and some brown paper bags to make it look like a sack race.
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Elf Roller Coaster
Because Elves want to have fun… just tape your elf and some action figures/toys to the inside of the dryer and BAM easy idea done!
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Minions Bananas
Your elf is an artist after all, have them draw Minions on the bananas using a Sharpie!
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Fishing For Goldfish
Grab your elf, make some sort of stick and fill your sink up with a bit of water then toss some Goldfish inside. So cute!!
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Rice Snow Angels
This idea can be used with flour too but you just spread some rice across the counter and let your elf make a little snow angel.
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Elf Tic-Tac-Toe
This one is so easy and so cute. Just take some painters tape and some bows and make tic-tac-toe with your elf!
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Drawing On Pictures
Take a draw erase marker and draw all sorts of silly faces and things onto pictures around the house.
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Elf Reading Time
Elves like to read too! Have them bring your child a new book (or one they haven't read in a while). Easy and fun to set up!
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Mask Hammock
This is so cute and easy. Let your elf take a nap in a mask hammock. Hang it on the tree or wherever you want in the home!
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Just Roll With It
Show how easy going your elf is by sticking them inside a toilet paper roll and rolling them down the stairs!
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Shoe Train
Stick your elf and some toys inside shoes and make a train. So cute and easy!
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Elf Swing
Take your elf to new heights with this Elf Swing. Simply use string and a toilet paper roll to make it.
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Eggin’ Around
This Elf is messing around by playing with the eggs in the fridge. Easy peasy!
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Candy Cane Hide And Seek
Have your elf hide candy canes around the house and have your kids find them! The best part is, they'll be entertained for hours.
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Toilet Paper Snowflakes
Cut snowflakes out of toilet paper and string it around.
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Q-Tip Snowflakes
Have your elves build snowflakes out of Q-tips!
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Play The Floor Is Lava
Tape your elf to the wall with a sign and have them play The Floor is Lava with your kids!
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