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Quick Tip #2!

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quick-tip 2

Quick Tip #2: Practice Makes Perfect.

I have to say when I started learning how to save money and really got into couponing, I was extremely overwhelmed. I didn’t know where to begin, I thought I had to grab EVERY deal or freebie, and I sometimes I’d even rush to the store in excitement without being fully prepared for the sales or with my coupons (which in return would cause me to over spend). Let me just say, It all takes time. You truly do not have to hit EVERY Sale, Deal, or Freebie because if you try you will be exhausted and probably give up. Start small and take advantage of the deals and freebies your family truly needs or would use.  It won’t be perfect in the beginning and you may run into problems, but  it will all pay off in the end and you will want to continue to try and you will become better with practice.

To help you get started Read my Newbies Section and if you have any questions contact me!

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