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Quick Tip #3!

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Quick Tip #3: Keep Store Coupon Policies with you while shopping.

I have to say I get excited when I go to a store with my coupons in hand and know I am saving a ton of money on getting great items for my family! However, that excitement dwindles as soon as I hear the cashier say “We cannot accept this coupon” or “you can’t get this item for Free”. It happens, it doesn’t matter how much you coupon or how long you have couponing it happens at least once to every couponer! The best thing to do in the situation is know the stores coupon and/or price match policy, it’s even better if you have a hard copy with you to show to the cashier or Manager. Often times there is a New Cashier that does not know the store’s policy on obtaining and utilizing coupons and sometimes even the Manager doesn’t know it. So to make things easier on you and the employees helping you with your issue just pull out your policy and explain that they do allow the coupon you are trying to use or whatever your situation may be. I’d say the majority of the time this works and hopefully you have helped the next couponer have a smoother transaction who gets that same cashier or Manager.

Very rarely that doesn’t work and in that event, you can always NICELY contact Corporate and explain to them the situation. Explain you talked to a Manager, showed their policy and your issue still was not resolved. The company wants to know what is going on in there stores and will want to fix problems they may have because in the end they want couponers to shop at their stores and don’t want to loose business to other companies.

To help you out I have already compiled a list of Coupon and Price Match Policies Here. Print them off and place them in your coupon binder! Enjoy!

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