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Quick Tip #5: Converting Short Sleeves to Long Sleeves for Fall!

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quick-tip 5Quick Tip #5: Converting Short Sleeves to Long Sleeves for Fall!

Although it’s still pretty warm, Fall is certainly upon us. That means it’s time to head shopping for Fall and Winter clothing or is it? Since my son’s birthday is in May we tend to always get Summer clothing including shorts, tanks, and short sleeves. So when it comes time for the colder weather, we are left to head out shopping but if you are on a tight budget, shopping for new clothing every season may not be an option for you. I have a simple solution: Convert Short Sleeves to Long Sleeves.

How do you do that you ask? Simply purchase plain white and black long sleeved shirts and layer them under your child’s existing short sleeve shirts. This will ensure you are saving money and you are getting your child to wear their short sleeves for longer before they outgrow them!

You can certainly find these at your local Walmart or Target. Often times they come in a pack and you can spend around $10 for a few of them. That is much cheaper than purchasing a new wardrobe!

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