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Quick Tip #6: How to Determine a Good Deal on LEGO’s!

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quick-tip 6Quick Tip #6: How to Determine a Good Deal on LEGO’s!

LEGO’s are one of those items that are always popular and are one of the most expensive toys you can purchase. With the holiday’s nearing I thought it was appropriate to share how to know if that price is a good deal.

LEGO’s are extremely hard to find on sale. If you ever find a set that you’ve been wanting and it is on clearance- get it! Don’t hesitate because chances are you won’t find it again. LEGO makes new sets just about every year and the sets that don’t sell will usually be on clearance at one time of the year. If you don’t get it then, you will be able to find it online but the price will be increased because that set has a sort of rarity to it since retailers have gotten rid of them in-store.

If the set you want isn’t on clearance then you have to determine how good of a discount you want to wait for. For smaller sets that are priced around $10 – $12 a few dollars such as $3 – $5 off is usually good. For larger sets that are priced $80 – $200 I would say $20 – $50 is about the discount you want to aim for. These sets RARELY drop anymore in price than that because they are larger sets with many more pieces.

Again since discounts on LEGO’s are RARE you want to save what you can when you can. So I hope this helps especially when you are all keeping your eye out on deals this holiday shopping season! 🙂


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