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Race Car Themed Party Ideas

Want to race right into the heart of a special birthday boy (or girl!)? A race car themed celebration takes first place on many birthday wish lists. This list of Race Car Themed Party Ideas is sure to make sure your party is a winner!

race car themed party ideas

Use vintage roadsters or modern race cars to deliver a carload of joy with these super ideas for birthday cake, decorations, and favors.

A great dessert table is the centerpiece of a birthday party and a fabulous backdrop makes sure it is noticed. Enlarge a picture of a race car, use colorful pennant banners, a wall of shiny hubcaps or route signs to highlight the “pit stop”.  Include decorative gas pumps for a themed way to welcome guests to your fueling station. Add a few cars to zoom around the desserts. Iconic black and white checks bring energy to the setup.

Another option? Cover a banquet sized table with a long tablecloth to readily morph it into a car shape and then add wheels at the floor level. Or, build your own race track with toy cars and tracks; set up a course that weaves around the treats.

A birthday cake on a pedestal, topped with a mini pennant banner and a first place ribbon, proclaims the winner of the day. Party circles and medallions on picks are an easy way to dress up a dessert table; they add pops of color wherever you might need it. Food labels are a thoughtful gesture to help guests make their choices. Cupcakes in tire tread wrappers add fun to the display and chocolate doughnuts make the best edible tires! Round cake pops are a great addition—just embellish them with frosting helmets and goggles. Ribbons and medallions will dress up jars of candy; arrange them on a trio of platforms to reference the winner’s circle. Trophy shaped vessels are great to use for serving, too.

Make the guest table interactive to keep energetic kids busy. A black chalkboard runner with white tape lines not only looks like an awesome racetrack, when you add a few cars to play with, kids will be happy to stay seated while everyone eats. When plates and cups are removed the space becomes a great spot to build or paint model cars.

When all of those busy kids just have to get up and move around, direct them to a track area where they can race their toy cars. Pre-party you can even build cardboard box race cars that young guests can step into. Hold races where they run around the course in their cars.

What would make a better take-home favor than a car at this party?! Small trophies filled with treats would be welcomed, too, as would any car related paraphernalia like car shaped erasers or key chains.

With engines revving and cars zooming around a track, even the youngest “drivers” get excited about a car themed birthday party. Race to birthday satisfaction with these celebration ideas!