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Rudolph Hot Cocoa with Free Printable Gift Tags

Rudolph is the red nose reindeer that everyone knows and loves. That is why I wanted to come up with an adorable Rudolph craft for my son’s kindergarten class. It hit me that kids love sweets and when it’s cold outside, hot cocoa is the go-to drink. So bam! Rudolph Hot Cocoa packs it is! I loved this idea so much that I just had to share including the Free Printable Gift Tags to go along with it!

These will make such a fun holiday gift for neighbors, teachers, and friends. Plus it’s the perfect craft/recipe to make with your kids!


Supplies Needed to Make Rudolph Hot Cocoa:

How to Make Rudolph Hot Cocoa:

  1. Pour hot cocoa mix into piping bag, pushing it all the way to the tip. Note: You can use a funnel if it makes things easier.rudolph hot cocoa inprocess1
  2. Cut off the top of the piping bag at approximately 2 inches above the top of the hot cocoa. Fold the excess two inches of the piping bag in and down – staple to close.
  3. Put the bag of hot cocoa into another piping bag and flatten.
  4. Layer in mini chocolate chips.
  5. Add layer of marshmallows.
  6. Cinch the top of the bag and tie on a ribbon.rudolph hot cocoa inprocess2
  7. Cut out a gift tag and punch a hole in the top. Weave the ribbon through the hole and knot it to hold the gift tag in place. I’ve even made the printable gift tags for you here: RudolphHotCocoa_GiftTags
  8. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the bag – just above the ribbon. Shape it into antlers.
  9. Place wiggle eyes near the top of the hot cocoa mix and glue in place.
  10. Glue a pom pom near the tip of the bag for Rudolph’s nose.
  11. Trim off the excess piping bag above antlers.
  12. Give to your favorite people!

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Dee Allison

Sunday 15th of November 2015

Love the Rudolph Hot coco.