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Signs That Your Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

Marketing is a skill that requires a lot of knowledge, patience and experience. Someone new to the industry could create a profitable marketing campaign on their first day, but it’s more likely to be incredible luck as opposed to sheer skill and talent. This is because marketing requires you to read the audience, understand current trends and also build it for specific industries.

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As such, you might find that the successful campaign from last year is no longer working this year. You might try to re-use the same marketing approach, only to see worse results despite pouring more money into it. If you feel like your marketing strategy is no longer working then it’s a good time to invest in a complete redesign. But how can you tell if your marketing strategy no longer works?

There’s a low amount of engagement from your target audience

Engagement is usually a fantastic sign that your business is doing well. However, if you ever reach a point where the engagement is coming from people who aren’t your target audience, then you may have a much lower conversion rate than you’d expect. To remedy this, you may want to tailor your promotional campaign to a specific audience. For example, IT company marketing strategies differ wildly from promotional campaigns in the fashion industry. You need to understand how to appeal to your target audience if you want the best chance of succeeding in your industry.

You’re hearing nothing from social media

Little to no engagement is a really bad thing. If you’re no longer getting any likes, retweets or comments on your Twitter posts, it’s a sign that your campaign on the platform is no longer working. If you’re not getting any clicks or impressions on Facebook, it might be time to try something new. A healthy social media presence usually indicates a successful marketing campaign. There should be an initial spike in the first couple of days, but if it falls off completely or never picks up, then it’s a sign your marketing campaign is no longer working.

You feel like your chances of success are hit and miss

One of the main issues that small businesses face with marketing is an aimless marketing campaign. You should never feel like you’re randomly throwing ideas out until they manage to stick. You should always have a clear winning strategy that is backed by statistics and market research. If you feel like you’re just gambling away your capital then you need to take a step back and refine your strategy before deploying it.

Your website isn’t being used as much as you’d like

Good marketing should always result in more traffic to your website. That’s where you should have most of your information and it’s where you should be informing customers about your products and services. If you’re not getting people to visit your website then you’re doing something wrong and need to change the way you approach your marketing campaign so you can draw more people into your sales funnel.