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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Soap

Sometimes a boring bar of soap is just a boring bar of soap. Sure it gets you clean but does it make you fly high or does it make your senses soar? I didn’t think so. But let me enlighten you. Imagine a bar of soap so cool looking it will make you cringe using it, but in a totally good way because again it’s so cool looking it will hurt you to use and ultimately destroy it. Imagine a soap that is invigorating to your senses and makes you want to reach for the stars. You can have all that and so much more with this Star Wars Millennium Falcon Soap.

This soap is beautiful to the eye but reminds you just how amazing that little ship is in Star Wars. Think it will make it’s comeback in the next movie? I sure as heck hope so!

millennium falcon soap


Supplies Needed to Make Millennium Falcon Soap:

How to Make Millennium Falcon Soap:

  1. Using your soap cutter or knife, cut up the soap base into small chunks and place into your microwave safe cup or bowl.millennium falcon soap inprocess1
  2. Melt your soap on high in your microwave in 30 second increments. Remove and stir after each cooking session. Repeat until all the soap is melted. Be careful not to burn the soap. millennium falcon soap inprocess2
  3. Cut off and add a small piece of the black soap colorant to the melted white soap base and stir until well incorporated. Your goal is to reach a light grey color so continue adding until you reach your desired shade of grey.millennium falcon soap inprocess3
  4. Add your essential oils. You only need a few drops. Stir well.millennium falcon inprocess4
  5. Pour the melted soap base into your millennium falcon soap mold filling the mold entirely.millennium falcon soap inprocess5
  6. Give your mold a light tap by lifting it up and tapping down on the table. Doing this releases air bubbles from the bottom.
  7. Spray the top of your soap with the alcohol to remove any air bubbles on the surface.
  8. Allow the soap to harden for a minimum of 4 hours. Allowing to harden overnight is ideal.
  9. Once the soap has hardened you can remove it from the mold by gently pushing from the backside of the mold. The soap will pop right out.millennium falcon soap inprocess6
  10. You can use your soap immediately or wrap it up in some plastic wrap to store for future use. Keep in mind that soap that is unused must be wrapped or it will not last as long.

These would be so fun to make and gift for the holidays. I cannot wait to hear how much you and your loved ones enjoy these!

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Brenda Do My Kitchen

Sunday 15th of November 2015

Thank you for sharing! Great timing considering the new sequel is coming right up )