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The Benefits Of A High Protein Diet

Have you ever looked at your diet and decided that you need to up your protein levels? Most people do at some point or another, especially if they are planning to bulk up their muscles or become leaner. You can bring your body into a muscle replenishing state once you have finished exercising, but that doesn’t mean that a high protein diet is just for wannabe bodybuilders. You also don’t have to be a fitness addict to want to up your protein levels.

As you may know, protein is essential for your diet and you need it to keep your muscles strong and healthy. The body doesn’t store excess protein, so it needs to have a supply to draw from for energy. Protein should be a part of your diet for this reason alone and it has to be eaten consistently to keep you alive! Protein comes in many forms, from nuts and legumes to meat and fish, and you can even get protein in powder form from Steel Supplements to make into shakes. There are plenty of avenues to get protein into your diet, but before you go ahead, it’s important to understand the advantages that come with a diet packed with protein. Let’s take a look!

  • Losing Weight (Part 1). One of the biggest benefits of a high protein diet is weight loss for many, but the reason that people stick to high protein is that they are able to feel fuller for longer, which leads to a consumption of fewer calories – so weight loss is the natural result. Of course, weight loss is about so much more than calories in and out, and a higher protein level in your diet will ensure that you are feeling satisfied for longer. It’ll also help you to prevent further weight gain, even if you don’t necessarily lose much!
  • Losing Weight (Part 2). Protein is a positive thing for your metabolism. You will be able to rid your body of calories far faster with a high protein diet, and that’s due to the magic that is protein. It has a higher thermic effect compared to fat and carbs. You’re consuming fewer ingredients that lead to weight gain, compared to a high-carb diet.
  • Better Energy. If you want to ensure that you have more energy, higher protein is a must. You should know that it takes longer for the body to break down protein than carbohydrates. With protein, you have energy that lasts you for some time, and the protein helps to release glucose more slowly in the blood. Protein will also avoid spiking your blood sugar, so there’s no crash and burn in the same way you get when you eat a cake.
  • Healthy Skin. One of the most important building blocks for your skin is protein. A high protein diet will allow you to have that glowing, youthful look you’re chasing. One of the most obvious signs of a protein deficiency is tired-looking skin. So, if your skin is flaking, red or swelling, you may need more protein in your diet. Salmon is one of the best options for your skin and it’s brilliant for your hair, too.
  • Healthy Hair. Speaking of hair, a diet rich in protein is going to be great for thinning hair. Your hair will give it away if your diet is lacking in protein.
  • Stronger Nails. For strong, healthy nails, you should consider how much protein you’re currently getting in your diet. Your nails should be strong, not bendy, and you can add protein to your diet in a variety of ways to ensure that you are keeping your nails stronger. You’ll notice a change pretty quickly!
  • Getting Leaner. Higher protein diets often help you to build your muscles and as you convert the fat to muscle at the same time, and your extra strength in your muscles will help you through both strength and cardio workouts. Your endurance levels will change, too, and you’ll find that you are able to get in shape much faster.
  • Sleeping Better. Protein gives you a ton of energy, but it actually improves your sleep, too. With a higher quantity of protein, you can benefit from a more restful night of sleep each night. There have been studies to show that those with a higher quantity of protein in their diet will enjoy a better global sleep score as a result.
  • Healthy Bones. When you have more protein in your diet, you will be able to improve the way your bones retain and absorb calcium. Milk and dairy are excellent sources of calcium and the protein in these help you to build stronger, healthier bones as a result. You can enjoy sources of protein from more than milk, of course, and the benefits of higher protein on your bones are huge.
  • Improved Mood. Despite the popular myth, chocolate doesn’t have the same effect on your mood that protein does. Protein is packed with the minerals and vitamins that will actually improve your mood and make you feel better. The amino acids in whey protein include tryptophan, and this is a mood booster and can alleviate the symptoms of sadness and depression. If you know that you are hitting a low point in the day, protein shakes or a meal packed with protein is the way to go.
  • Better Recovery From Injury. Protein helps your muscles to remain healthy, so it stands to reason that following an injury, protein would be able to help you to replenish the nutrients that you need to protect your tissues and encourage organ growth. Recovery times are much quicker with a higher protein diet, which is great if you’re aiming to train.

Now you know the advantages of a higher protein diet, you’re going to be able to start working on how much protein you’re eating. Speak to your doctor or nutritionist if you would like to add more protein to your day and they can point you in the right direction for the best literature on it! You’ll need to work out how much is too much, and you will!