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The Benefits of Make-Do and Mend

Make-do and mend is the practice of fixing things and patching them up instead of tossing them in the trash and replacing them with brand new things.

The make-do and mend mentality has its roots in wartime Britain where citizens were encouraged to be frugal and make use of the things they already had due to rationing and the lack of new goods. However, it is just as applicable to modern life where we are all trying to do our bit for the climate crisis and save money as prices rise.

Why should you adopt the make-do and mend mantra in your own life? Here are some major benefits to consider:

It will save you money

One of the biggest benefits of making do and mending what you can is that it will inevitably save you money. If, for example, you find the parts you need to fix your leaf blower, you will see that buying them is cheaper than buying a new leaf blower, which means more money in your pocket. It’s not always cheaper to make-do and mend, but often it is, and if you do just that, the savings will start rolling in.

It’s great for the environment

There is no denying that, if you can fix up a broken old appliance or pair of shoes, instead of tossing them in the trash and buying a brand new paint, your impact on the environment will be much lower, You will have a smaller carbon footprint and you can feel great about your choices.

You will learn new skills

In order to make-do and mend, you often need to have various skills from being able to darn socks and sew on buttons, to knowing how to use a power drill or rewire a plug. Obviously, most of us do not know how to do many of these things, but by resolving to fix ore things instead of tossing them out, we will have an incentive to learn, and once we have those skills, we can be more self-sufficient and potentially even use those skills to make money by mending things for others. 

It can be a great hobby

When you commit to throwing out fewer things, and instead of fixing them, then you have a ready-made hobby to keep you occupied. Hobbies have been shown to lower stress levels, reduce instances of depression and give us more purpose in life, so this particular benefit of the make-do and mend attitude to life can not be understated.

You can make money

Another great benefit of making-do and mending things is that you can buy up old broken things, fix them and then sell them on for s profit. This process is often known as upcycling and it is very popular right now due to environmental concerns, so it could be a great sideline for you.

As you can see, make-do and mend is more than a quaint mantra – it is a very practical, very beneficial way of life for many people who want to save money, learn new skills and live a simpler life.