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The Best Essential Oils for Beginners

If you live on the internet like I do, chances are you’ve heard of Essential Oils. All the talk about them and their many uses, may have sparked your curiosity. If you’ve never tried them but have wanted to, I wanted to give you an idea of The Best Essential Oils for Beginners so you know exactly which oils would be a great start and why.

The Best Essential Oils for Beginners

Before I get started discussing oils I want to take a second to talk about why I love essential oils. I first started using them in my DIY beauty recipes such as bath salts, homemade soaps, etc. and really liked them. It wasn’t until I was introduced to the more pure essential oils (Young Living) and started using them that I truly fell in love. I now use them for a variety of uses and reasons. So, if you’ve wanted to incorporate them into your own life, continue reading!

The Best Essential Oils for Beginners


Lavender is a basic of enough essential oil that even a beginner can run with it. Lavender is a smell that’s in a lot of shampoos, lotions, and so on; however, it can also do a world of wonders for your home and personal space. You can use lavender as a way to calm your household or you can add it to your laundry. The choices are truly never-ending!


Ah, lemon! This is a wonderful essential oil that’s perfect for the beginner. You can add lemon to your food, tea, or water. You can also use it as a cleaning aid in your home. Adding a few drops of lemon essential oil can help get your home as clean as you’d like it. Just keep in mind that a little goes a VERY long way.


A favorite amongst essential oil lovers is peppermint. Peppermint can be used as something you put in your hot cocoa or coffer or it can be used as a comforting aid. Taking peppermint essential oils and rubbing it on the forehead can help relieve sinus pressure. Peppermint is also known to be a great way to keep up your energy.

If you’re new to essential oils, then these three are the very best to get started with. Of course, everyone has their opinion so I have to say these are my favorite three. Using lavender, lemon, and peppermint around your home can help make everyone happier and healthier. It’s amazing what a few drops of essential oil can do for your body and home.

The Best Essential Oils for Beginners Featured

If you have used essential oils before,what other essential oils would you recommend for beginners?