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The Best Gift for Music Lovers

As you make your holiday shopping list and check it twice, you’ll likely end up with a Music Lover on that list. So, what do you get the person that loves everything that music has to offer? The Best Gift for Music Lovers is the gift of amplification of their music for the ultimate sound experience. You may also have someone in your life that wants to create their own music so you could get them something like a DJ set or a Drum beat machine.

Yes, I am talking about headphones.

Headphones are the best gift you can give to anyone that loves listening to music.

They even make great gifts for those that enjoy listening to YouTube videos, podcasts, sports events or really any time where enhancing a sound is needed.

The problem is, when it comes to headphones they are not all created equal.

You can get anything from wired headphones, over-the-ear headphones, wireless headphones and even headphones that also have cat ears attached (like that ones Ariana Grande wears). So, when it comes to buying them, where do you begin?

Well, our friends at Best Buy have made that easy for you – they have a new pair of wireless earbuds that are priced right under $100!

The JBuds Air are now available in three new models to give you true wireless earbuds that deliver on sound, quality and comfort.

Meet the new squad from JLab Audio, perfect fit for any lifestyle. There’s the new sport-inspired JBuds Air Sport, business-inspired JBuds Air Executive, and the JBuds Air Icon, an upgraded everyday option. There’s something for everyone to #FINDYOURGO.

The entire JLab JBuds Air family offers:

  • Great playtime – battery life starting at 24 hours
  • Features for every lifestyle (sport fit, dual microphones for talking, etc)
  • Integrated cable for charging

You can check out the JLab JBuds Here.