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The Disney Mother-Daughter Bond

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Disney Baby for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

For six years, I was an all boy mom. I got to play with cars, trucks, and planes with them all day long. However, almost two years ago, I found out I was pregnant with my fourth baby and little did I know that it was going to be a girl. I was super excited about the idea of having a special mother daughter bond. When my daughter was born, I instantly had that bond with her. Growing up, I always had an obsession with Disney, so naturally I have used my love for Disney as a way to bond with my little girl. So today is a great day to share The Disney Mother-Daughter Bond.

The Disney Mother-Daughter Bond


The Disney Mother-Daughter Bond

Disney is just naturally a brand so many love. Whether you are an adult or a child there is a character, a song, a movie, or something from them to love. Aside from all the fun, Disney really knows how to bring families together and no matter where you go, you can find their “magical” touch somewhere. As my daughter gets older I have found that Disney has brought me closer to my daughter and in the end we’ve made that mother-daughter bond. Here are just a few ways they’ve helped do that:

We sing songs together- My daughter may be 10 months old, but she loves to sing. Whenever she hears me singing, she joyfully chimes in. It’s so beautiful to hear her little voice sing along with me. My daughter, Hannah, doesn’t have a preference for certain music, she loves it all but one thing is for certain; she could listen to The Little Mermaid’s “Under the Sea” all day long! Disney songs are catchy and I dare you to not get one stuck in your head on a daily basis!

They make cuddling easy- Another way Hannah and I love to spend mother-daughter time together is by cuddling. I’m actually still nursing her, which makes for an excellent bonding time. However, Hannah always has to have something in her hand as we’re nursing and cuddling. Last time we were in Walmart, I saw this precious Disney Minnie Mouse Plush Printed Blanket and we were both in love. She just cuddles right up to this blanket and it melts my heart.hannah1

It’s time well spent together– Whether we are enjoying our favorite Disney movies or playing with our favorite plush characters, the time spent together is the best. Disney just has tons of products we can use to spend that special one-on-one time together.

We get to go on adventures- When you think of a Disney adventure you might think of heading to Disneyland but for me, an adventure can take place right in my living room or my own backyard. We can explore and pretend play using all sorts of inspiration from Disney. I think it gets the imagination flowing no matter what age you are.

Shop for Disney Products Together- One of our favorite things to do is to head to Walmart and shop for Disney items together. Recently, on our shopping excursion, we picked up some super cute stuff at Walmart. As a previous all boy mom, sharing this special time with my daughter has been priceless. I mean let’s be honest, what little boy likes to shop? This Minnie Mouse Newborn Baby Girl License Fashion Knit Top with Bike Short Set is one of the many reasons I LOVE shopping Disney at Walmart with my baby girl. Is this not precious and fun? I think she looks adorable and the quality of the item is just what we like to see in our clothing. Plus, it’s not expensive and gives me and my girl time to shop our little hearts out. I even came across this adorable Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Rocker that we just had to have.

That Special Bond

This was my first Mother’s Day with my daughter and I looked forward to it very much. Having this mother-daughter bond is special and we were able to do some of our favorite things this past Mother’s Day! I loved spending every minute with my entire family, but it was extra special with this being my first Mother’s Day having a daughter to share these special moments with.

special bond

If you are looking for fun and adorable ways to connect with your little ones, make sure to check out Disney Baby at Walmart. Here are just a few of our favorites items that I think you’ll love as well. Don’t forget these items are only available at Walmart.

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