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The Perfect Holiday Gifts for Families

There is nothing harder than trying to find the perfect family gift at Christmas time.

Sure, you’ve remembered to snag something for just about everyone on your list as an individual but did you remember to give a gift to your family? Perhaps you even want to give a single gift to an entire family that you know and you don’t know where to begin.

Some people like to bake together and enjoy the resulting cookies. Others like to set the tradition of opening a family gift on Christmas Eve. Either way, finding a gift that will suit everyone? Not always easy.

If you are on the hunt for that one perfect gift idea that will make everyone happy, then look no further. We’ve got a few ideas for you to make your Christmas as magical as possible. Don’t worry about the budget, there’s something for all.

Oh, and if you really want some solid ideas, check out our annual Holiday Gift Guide that is loaded with awesome gift ideas.

Appliances. Yes, you read that correctly. Appliances can be an excellent family gift – think about it. It’s so nice to get together to bake, but what if you bought a doughnut making machine? Or an ice cream maker? You could start new traditions involving your new appliance every week, and you can take it in turns to come up with new ice cream flavors or doughnut toppings. You could even bake together and choose the flavors as a family, too.

Tickets. Whether you want to buy tickets to a concert, a film in the cinema or broadway show tickets, there are tons of options for the whole family to enjoy. There are always going to be crowd-pleasers when it comes to your family tickets, so why not take it in turns to choose what type of tickets you want to buy?

Food. Everyone loves to eat, which makes food the gift that keeps on giving. Baskets of chocolate treats, cheese boards, fruit baskets that overdo it on the grapes; it’s rare to find a gift basket that doesn’t suit everyone.

Family Games. Sitting around the table playing board games are some of the best loved memories for people at Christmas time, and why not? You don’t have to play the same tired old games though! Each year, someone new can choose a board game to play and on Christmas Eve you can make it a whole event. Bring in the extended family and have a mammoth game of charades or Pictionary. It’s in these games that family legends are born!

Yearly Membership. Believe it or not, there are plenty of options here. A family gift idea of a yearly membership can change your year ahead. Imagine having unlimited fun in one of your favorite theme parks or the zoo all year around. You can go for nature parks, a local bowling alley and even an indoor play place for those with little children.

Outdoor Gifts. It may be too chilly at Christmas to play outside, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t play outdoor games through the year. Ball games, bean bag toss games, ladder-ball, basketball – family games like this make the memories that are talked about for years.

The bottom line is – get a gift that will get everyone together as a family, having fun and making memories that will last a lifetime!