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How to Throw A Fortnite Party

Kids love playing Fortnite and if you are looking for ways on How to Throw A Fortnite Party with ideas for Fortnite Food, Fortnite Party Favors, Fortnite Party Decorations and more, I’ve got it all for you!

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How to Throw A Fortnite Party

Get ready because these Fortnite Party Ideas will make any kid feel like they just won the Battle Royale.

When my son turned 9 he wanted a Fortnite party and at the time, it was a bit harder to find items. Nowadays, they have a ton of great Fortnite party options out there.

However, if you are looking for more unique Fortnite Party Ideas or DIY Fortnite party ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

Fortnite Party Favors

We grabbed some blue crate boxes and made our own DIY Fortnite Loot Boxes using white curling ribbon and yellow balloons with helium inside. I then found some yellow alphabet stickers and put “Drop” on the front.

We used the boxes as a place to hold the Loot from the Loot Lama Pinata which is a total must have!

We filled the Pinata with candy, Fortnite stickers, etc.

Fortnite Party Games

For party games we had a ton of Nerf Guns and Ammo so the kids could have a Nerf gun fight.

For the ammo, we ordered 300 Nerf darts so we had plenty at the party.

We gave each kid a pack of them and brought all the Nerf guns we had around our home (yes, we have a lot).

These are just SOME of our Nerf Guns…

We then ensured the kids eyes were protected and had them wear these totally awesome camo sunglasses. We placed them inside a treasure chest box that served as a decoration too!

You could also add army men to the box and hand them out as party favors.

We had the party at our local park and the kids ran around for over an hour shooting each other with Nerf darts and totally had a blast. It was an easy and inexpensive party activity.

If you really wanted to make it extra fun, you could also build a DIY Nerf Target Board like the one below. We had planned to but ran out of time before the party.

Fortnite Party Food

Since we know kids that were coming had food allergies, we stuck with simple food: pizza and the kids seemed to be happy with it. Plus, it totally didn’t break the bank.

However, I loved the burger idea I saw on Pinterest.

For drinks, you can always do something simple like these Chug Jugs made with Blue Gatorade.

You can also make our popular Fortnite Slurp Juice.

Seriously, it’s one of our most popular posts and everyone seems to love it!

Overall, our Fortnite Birthday party was a total blast or should I say, a total WIN. It is the perfect party theme for boys or girls especially if they love to play Fortnite.

Let us know what your favorite Fortnite party idea is!