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Tips for Holiday Baking with Kids

Wouldn’t it be awesome to spend time baking with your kids this holiday season? I love baking with my kids, but sometimes I lose my patience when things get a little messy. But my goal this holiday season is to let go the worries of all the mess and just have fun baking with my family. If that is a goal of yours too, you will want to check out these Tips for Holiday Baking with Kids.

tips for holiday baking with kids

Tips for Holiday Baking with Kids

Kid’s Aprons

If your kids are going to baking a lot with you this holiday season, it’s more than worth it to invest in a couple of kid’s aprons. Aprons help the clothes stay clean longer and help mama from freaking out about the mess on the clothes. Let’s face it, baking is messy, so it only makes sense to invest in a few kid’s aprons.

A Step Stool is a Must

Imagine stepping on your tip-toes as you try and bake this holiday season, it would be quite the process. A step stool is a must whenever the kids are baking with you in the kitchen this holiday season. If you don’t have a step stool, then a kitchen chair works perfectly. Just make sure it’s safe for your kiddos to stand on while in the kitchen.

Put Down Newspaper

If you’re going to be using a rather large space in your kitchen, it only makes sense to make the cleanup process super simple. You can lay newspaper down on almost any surface to help protect against a massive kid sized mess. When you’re done baking, you simply pick up the newspaper and throw it all in the garbage.

Relinquish Some Control

Now that your kids are super well protected from the mess, don’t be afraid to let them get dirty. Allow them to stir the mixtures and try a few steps on their own and with your guidance. Relinquishing some control, while baking with your kids, is important! Allowing them to do a few things, without your help is an important part of learning.

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What are some tips you have for holiday baking with kids? I’d love to hear what works for you and what doesn’t work for you!