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Tips for Saving on Home Energy Costs

Tips for Saving on Home Energy Costs

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you never had to think about saving money especially when it came to costly items like things around your home? A great example of this is home energy costs which can go through the roof (literally) if you aren’t proactive in finding ways to save on them. If you haven’t been as proactive with your home as you’d like then you will want to check out these Tips for Saving on Home Energy Costs.

Tips for Saving on Home Energy Costs

Seal window leaks- When it comes to saving energy, try out making sure your windows are sealed. A lot of times older windows sag and cause leaks, which can cost you a ton of money in energy costs. If you want to start saving money right away on your home energy costs, then it’s worth looking into sealing your windows.

Get repairs done as needed – If you are running a HVAC unit without it being serviced or with it having issues, it’s going to cost you more. You can use an emergency AC repair service to get it working properly and hopefully help cut costs.

Keep your temperature just right- Another great option for saving money on energy costs is to keep your thermostat at just the right temperature. You would be surprised as to how much money it can cost you to keep your house a few degrees cooler or warmer. Wear more clothes in the winter to stay warmer. In the summer, invest in ceiling fans to help keep your home cooler.

Be vigilant about your home energy- Most homeowners lose money on their home energy costs because they are not vigilant. Turn off your lights, shut doors, make sure windows are shut, and keep at it. Make sure your family is doing the same. You’ll see a huge change in your energy bill when you take small steps towards success.

Choose your own energy supplier- Wait, did I just say you can choose where you receive your energy from? Yes, I did! You see, not many people know that they have a choice when it comes to the energy they receive. They often think that they just get a bill from a local energy company and have to pay it every month but that isn’t entirely true. Nowadays, there are Energy Choice programs which allow eligible customers to shop around and choose an electric/natural gas supplier that best suits their needs to obtain their natural gas and electric supply products and I’ll share more info on that below.

Use IGS Energy to Take Control of Home Energy Costs


I have a really cool way for you to start saving money on home energy costs. There’s a program in certain states that allows you to purchase energy from an independent supplier, also known as Energy Choice.

You can choose an independent supplier, like IGS Energy, to lock in low energy rates. This essentially keeps your energy rates from jumping up and down every month. IGS has more than 1 million residential and commercial customers and they offer their products in more than 10 states. I would say that if that many people are using IGS Energy, then something is VERY right about them! Keep in mind that IGS works with your local utility company as a part of the utility customer choice program, so they are not competing with your utility company. IGS purchases the energy (natural gas or electricity) – the utility delivers it. Here are some of the ways IGS can help you with your energy needs.

  • Lock in a fixed rate for a time period that works for you
  • Go green with green energy options
  • Flat bill products allow for a single price each month for energy supply
  • Hybrid products allow for customers to lock in when the rate is more volatile and then switch to a variable rate when the market lowers when demand is down, etc. to take advantage of market lows.
  • IGS Companies community support is amazing and one you will be proud to stand behind.
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The next time you are trying to save money on your home energy costs, make sure you check out IGS Energy. I find that the services they offer are great for predictability and budgeting. Don’t forget to connect with IGS Energy on Facebook and Instagram. Head to IGS Energy to learn more about energy choice and deregulation. Are you ready to sign up? There are several enrollment opportunities when it comes to issuing IGS Energy. You can enroll directly on, through a local home energy consultant, by mail, or even over the phone. All of IGS Energy’s associates are trained to be Trusted Energy Advisors! Another thing that I love about IGS Energy is that they are so community focused. Learn more about the impact IGS is making in local communities by checking out their community webpage.

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