Top Essential Oils For Fall

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Fall is upon us and that means it’s time to start thinking of the types of essential oils you need to stock up on. I’ve made it easy by sharing with you my favorite Top Essential Oils for Fall. As the cold weather hits, don’t get caught without these in your cupboard.

top essential oils for fall

Top Essential Oils to Use for Fall

Fall is here! If you use essential oils on a daily basis, you might be looking for essential oils that are perfect for fall. Essential oils are great all of the time, but certain ones are even better during those fall months. Check out these top essential oils that you can use for fall!


A favorite essential oil for fall is the orange essential oil. Sure, it may be fall but that smell can bring about many feelings of fall. For some, it makes their house smell clean. For others it makes them feel refreshed and ready for the cooler weather.


Lemon is also a popular essential oil to use for fall. Mixing lemon with other essential oils can help create some pretty amazing fall oil blends. Lemon has a way of helping you make the perfect fall blends with your essential oils


If you have cinnamon essential oil, this is one you’ll want to use over the fall months. Cinnamon reminds of us our favorite fall comfort foods, but it’s also an awesome essential oil to use over the fall months. Cinnamon is spicy and earthy and the perfect blend to use in September, October, and November!


Although Nutmeg might sound like a spice, it’s also an essential oil. Nutmeg has a woody smell, which is also perfect for fall. Nutmeg has a way of helping combat symptoms of fatigue. So if you’re feeling extra tired this fall, a little bit of nutmeg essential oil can help you feel extra energetic.


Cypress isn’t a well-known essential oil, but it’s a great one to use during the fall months. It’s known to help you keep your concentration. Putting this in your diffuser is sure to help you concentrate on your fall home projects.

These 5 essential oils aren’t the only ones you can use for the fall months, but they are some of the best. What are your favorite essential oils to use for fall?

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