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6 Things That Undermine Your Business

You’d like to think that whatever you do for your business would help to move it forward in the right way, and that anything that harms your company would come from external forces that are beyond your control. But like most things in life, this is only partly true.

Many companies are guilty of making errors that undermine their business. They’re the ones doing damage to their own business. So don’t just focus on the good things that you’re doing. Take a read of some examples of the unintended negative sides you might be guilty of, too. These are 6 Things That Undermine Your Business.

6 Things That Undermine Your Business

Shifting the Blame Game

It’s always tempting to want to shift the blame when something goes wrong. Indeed, sometimes we can convince ourselves that it really wasn’t our fault. But often, what this means is that just because we didn’t cause harm intentionally, it’s not our fault. It is possible to make mistakes even when you were trying hard to do the right thing! If you find yourself in a situation where your customer is, for whatever reason, not happy, then don’t try to find every excuse under the sun. They won’t hear it. Just take a look at your actions, and hold your hands up.

A Lack of Consistency

Customers expect their businesses to be consistent. Alas, it’s not one of those things that companies get credit for getting right; it’s just that it’s obvious when it’s not there. If you haven’t got systems in place to provide consistency in how you treat your customers, your correspondence with them, and so on, then they won’t know where they stand with you.

To prevent this from happening, make sure all of your staff know how they should interact with clients, and use digital asset management software so that they’re able to keep emails and corporate documents on brand. In the process, you’ll be subconsciously building trust between you and your clients.

Following the Crowd

People value honesty much more than some companies realize. You have to be authentic. If you’re forever moving whichever way the wind blows, then how do they know what you really stand for? It’s like a politician who supports whatever position is in vogue that week. So don’t follow the crowd. Forge your own path. The idea is to take your business to new places, not to where every other company is going. It’s much safer to stay one step behind what the leader in your industry is doing, but really, all it means is that your customers are going to follow them instead of you.

Robotic Employees

You’re not able to do everything yourself. For that, you’ll need employees. But simply having a team isn’t going to do anything. For them to actually push your business forward, they need to have the tools and freedom to deliver their best work. If you’re telling them exactly what to do, then you’re robbing your business of that employee’s potential. Some entrepreneurs can have trust issues, since they see their company as “their baby,” but it’s always worth remembering that your business isn’t really about you, or at least it shouldn’t be. If you’re going to hire people, then make sure they have the platform to bring their best work. Your business will only be hurt otherwise!

Just Numbers

Thinking about why your company exists and who it’s designed to serve might just prevent you from making a mistake that can prove fatal if it’s allowed to grow. Your business isn’t there as a vehicle for your ideas, or to make you money, or anything other than to serve your customers. If you see your company this way, then you’ll be able to look at every decision and action through the lens of how it’s going to benefit your clients. The second you begin looking at them as just numbers, then you’ll be on the path toward failure.

A Lack of Faith

Finally, let’s think about the one thing that really does companies back: a lack of belief! If you don’t believe in your business, then no-one else is going to believe in your business either. If you’re going to do anything in the business world – and in fact, in like – then you need to have conviction in what you’re doing. If you’re looking forward and you can’t find it, then it’s possible that you’re in the wrong game. If it’s just a matter of thinking like a small fish in a big pond, then remember that it’s not where you start that matters, but where you end up.