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Ways to Fund LuLaRoe Onboarding

You’ve probably heard that LuLaRoe is the newest craze! If you landed on this page it wasn’t by accident. Whether you are just starting out, see the business potential, or are a total LuLa addict (it’s a thing) then you are also probably looking into selling this amazing clothing! But wait, the cost can seem a bit scary. Just know if you really want to own your own business, it can happen and here are some Ways to Fund LuLaRoe Onboarding!

Ways to Fund LuLaRoe Onboarding

Ways to Fund Your LuLaRoe Business

You don’t have $6,000 sitting around, ready to be spent on pretty clothes inventory? What?! Okay, okay, I don’t think many of us do… and that’s alright! When it comes to coming up with the money to start your LuLaRoe business, you’ve gotta get creative.

How long will it take me to pay off my investment? This is a loaded question! Some retailers have reported paying off their initial investment in their launch (first!) sale. Others have written posts about paying the investment off in one month, all while buying inventory, too. Your results will be based on how hard you work, how active your group is, and how much inventory you can move during your first few sales.

I’m not going to tell you to beg, borrow, and steal to fund your LuLaRoe business. But…


You don’t have to beg in the literal sense but if there’s anyone close to you – mom, dad, brother, sister, best friend – who has extra money when you don’t, consider asking them for a loan. Write it up just like you would a loan with a bank. You want to make sure you’re just as serious about paying them back as you would be about paying a mortgage!

Even if you can’t get the funding from one person, you could essentially get $2,000 from three different people and cover most of your initial investment. When you create your repayment plan, make sure they know you have three people you’re making payments to so they will be smaller at first.


Borrowing money makes me nervous! I know how scary it can be. I also know how amazing LuLaRoe is, so I’m sharing “borrow” as a way to fund your business because I have faith you will pay your investment back… quickly!

Generally speaking, credit unions have better rates (and higher approval chances) than big banks do. Search Yelp and other online sources like Google to check reviews before walking in and asking for a loan. Most places will allow you to apply online or through the phone, if you don’t want to have to physically walk into the credit union. If you have a chance, call in so you can ask questions. It’s better to ask too many questions than not enough.

You can also get a line of credit if you have a business already. Without a business, you can get a credit card but watch out for huge interest fees. Call in and speak with an actual credit card specialist rather than trying to navigate the terms and conditions online. Ask what the interest rate is, and if they have some type of deferred interest offer if you put a large purchase on the card. For example if you put half of your investment on the card ($3,000-ish), will they give you 3 months with no interest? 6 months? The goal is to pay it back before you have to pay a penny in interest!

If you do go the loan route, a PERSONAL loan is much easier to get than a BUSINESS loan. Business loans typically require a business license along with a business plan. Stick with a personal loan for ease and a higher approval rate.


Of course stealing is never okay. You shouldn’t rob a bank or anything, but if you have to “steal” from one of your bank accounts to fund your business from another bank account, don’t feel bad about it. As long as you can afford it, taking some money from your entertainment fund or cutting back on eating out is a great way to help come up with the money for your LuLaRoe business.

Don’t put you or your family out to fund your business, because it will take some time to pay it back. You don’t want to be stressed out during your first sale because you keep thinking how you have to make $3,000. Plus, you won’t get that deposit immediately! So you need a little bit of a buffer. Keep this in mind while moving funds around.


If all else fails, you have to sell! Look around your house. Take inventory of your closet. Chances are, you have plenty of things you can sell to make some cash to put towards your LuLaRoe investment.

Here are just a few things you might have sitting around that you can sell for cash:

— clothing (yours, your kid’s)
— shoes
— extra electronics
— extra appliances and kitchen items (toaster, electric can opener)

Another thing I would do if I needed to come up with several thousand dollars? Get crafty! You can sell so many crafty items that others don’t have the time or interest to create. I have a friend that creates signs with her Cricut. They cost her about $7 to make and she sells them for $40!

It might seem silly to sell items like a toaster for $5 but that $5 times 10 items adds up.


So, is it worth it?

It is a large investment but one that can pay off in spades as long as you put the work in. LuLaRoe is not easy work but it’s simple, very straightforward. Many retailers make their initial investment back in just a few months (some, sooner!). LuLaRoe also has a buy-back option: you can send all of your unsold inventory back to them for a refund and only pay a 15% restocking fee, plus shipping. What does that mean? It means the risk is minimal, and the loss you have the potential to take is much smaller than your actual investment will be.

And speaking from someone who has had success in this company, IT IS ENTIRELY WORTH THE INVENSTMENT! 

What is one question you’d like answered before you sign up with LuLaRoe? Leave me a comment!

Ways to Fund LuLaRoe Onboarding