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What is a Gift Closet? And Why you Need One!


what is a gift closet

If you have been following my site for a while now you have probably noticed me saying “this would be perfect for the gift closet”. You might also be wondering what in the world am I talking about! Well today I am going to explain What a Gift Closet is and Why you need one!

For starters, think about the last birthday or holiday party you attended. Were you at all prepared for the gift giving aspect of it? If your answer is no, you probably spent hours going to the store to find the perfect gift AND I bet that item wasn’t even on sale right? Well if you had a gift closet that wouldn’t be an issue.

A gift closet is simply a closet (or area in storage) where you have toys or other gifts stored. Basically it’s a stockpile of gifts.

When an event or birthday approaches you shop within your gift closet for a gift.  The idea behind it is to purchase gift items that are significantly discounted so you never paid full price for the item but the recipient doesn’t have to know that. In return you save time and money!

Think of all the family and friends that have birthdays in which you will want to get them a gift. Having a Prize Closet can be the difference to you giving them something or not giving them something at all

Some helpful tips for building your gift closet is:

  1. Aim for 50% off savings or more. Lots of times (especially in January and July) you can save 75% or more. This is the time to shop.
  2. Choose items you know people will like. If you have a nephew that likes Ninja Turtles chances are he still will for the next year or so. Bath and Body items, Small Gift Baskets, Clothing, Coffee Mugs, etc. are all items that would make a great gift for someone.
  3. Keep inventory of your gift closet. If you are not organized you might overspend or even purchase duplicate items unintentionally. I suggest keeping a notebook and pen within the closet so you can write down everything you have.
  4. Give out the gifts and replenish your gift closet often. If you haven’t noticed, almost everything has an expiration date. So be sure to actually give out gifts and then head out shopping for new prize closet items.

I personally have a gift closet and I can tell you that is has really helped our family especially on months where are budget has been really tight. It’s been a blessing to know that I don’t have to spend a ton to give others a nice gift to show them I remembered their special day. I hope this post helps you all and I hope you will all consider having some sort of “gift closet”.

So tell me do you have a Gift Closet? If not, is this something you are going to start working on?

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