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What is Piphany?

If you ever do online shopping specifically on Facebook, you’ve probably heard of Piphany.

If you’ve heard of it but wonder, What is Piphany? You’ve come to the right place.

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What is Piphany?

Piphany is a newly established clothing company that offers boutique style clothing at affordable prices. It is a direct-retail fashion company producing versatile women’s and men’s clothing in sizes XS – 3X.

Piphany has over 70 styles and what makes Piphany unique is that there are 10 new styles launched monthly or 2-3 new styles weekly.

Unlike other direct sales clothing companies, stylists are able to choose their size, print and style to offer to their customers.

That means, if you are interested in buying a Piphany piece of clothing, you can choose your print, style and size!

No more blind buying!

How is Piphany Sold?

Piphany is sold through independent stylists. Stylists may sell online on social media, through email, or they may sell in-person to local customers.

If you are actively looking for a Piphany stylist, join the Simply Mint Boutique group here.

How do you pay for your Piphany purchase?

Once you’ve claimed items from your Piphany stylist, you will receive an invoice via email. You must pay your invoice within 24 hours or your invoice is cancelled and you’ll lose your items.

What Makes Piphany Different?

Piphany is different in many ways.

For starters, customers are able to choose the exact style, size and print they wish to purchase. This is fantastic as there will no longer be need to “fight” over prints like with other direct-sales clothing companies.

Second, Piphany offers FREE SHIPPING on every order for customers. This means, you can order your favorite items through your Piphany Stylist, they place the order for you and Piphany ships directly to you for free.

With the increase of shipping costs this year, this is a great opportunity to shop online while saving money.

Third, Piphany styles are NOT required to keep inventory on hand. This allows stylists to offer multiple styles and sizes for everyone without the need to over expensive inventory or having to store it in their homes.

Does Piphany allow returns?

Yes! If you purchase something and it doesn’t fit, you can get with your Piphany stylist to get an exchange or credit for your next purchase.

Does Piphany offer kids styles?

Currently Piphany offers styles and clothing for women and men. I would not be surprised if they expanded into kids clothing in the future.

If you are interested in becoming a Piphany stylist, you can contact me for additional details!

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Piphany stylist, please send me an email at