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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Mom a Mother’s Day Gift

It’s no secret that I’m the mom to two special little boys. I love them with my whole heart, but there is something I want them to know. Of course, I want a handmade card telling me how much they love me, but instead of wasting their money on flowers or other things that I may not end up actually using, it only makes sense to give me something useful and something that can actually be used. With Mother’s Day approaching fast, I am going to explain Why You Shouldn’t Buy Mom a Mother’s Day Gift!

Why You Shouldn't Buy Mom a Mother's Day Gift

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Mom a Mother’s Day Gift

I get it, the title of this post has probably got you thinking that it goes against everything you’ve ever known about Mother’s Day, right? We see those commercials where mom gets showered with expensive gifts, flowers, and jewelry. The thing is, that isn’t realistic. Only so many years can a mom get jewelry before she runs out of space to wear it.

So unless your mom has specially come out and said to buy her something and given you exactly what to buy, then I say you shouldn’t buy mom a mother’s day gift. Your time and money can be used elsewhere…

As I mentioned handmade items are the best especially when they come from your kids but if your significant other is in the mix or your kids are older, there is something mom could really use (and something I bet she wants) instead of you purchasing a gift and that is money!

Money? Why would mom want that? Well, let me explain all the reasons why a mom would want money over something expensive and not very useful…

Mom Can Spend it on What She Wants- As a mom, I’m always putting everyone else’s needs above my own. I think the same about my own mother. She was always putting everyone first. Mother’s Day is the ONE day that us moms get to be pampered, which is why giving mom cash is a smart idea because then she can pamper herself.

Mom Can Still Feel Special- I know many of you have moms that are halfway across the world. You aren’t sure of what to get her and it can be a hard decision. That is why I also feel as though cash is the perfect Mother’s Day gift because it’s SO easy to give. There’s no stress in sending it and in the end, mom will know you remembered her on such a special day.Why You Shouldn't Buy Mom a Mother's Day Gift Featured

Mom Can Buy Something She Loves- I don’t care who you are, moms always feel some sort of guilt when it comes to buying something that they really want (I know I do). However, sending mom cash for Mother’s Day means that she can buy something she LOVES and not feel an ounce of guilt about it. Not that mom should feel guilty any other day of the year either, but moms are just wired like that.

Mom Can Save the Cash for a Rainy Day- Sending mom cash means that she gets to choose how she manages her gifts. My mom is awesome at managing money and I took after her in that respect. So whether mom wants to spend her cash now or later that’s her choice! I know for me, I love craft stuff and new tech items (cameras, computers, etc.) so by receiving cash I can save up for what I really want later on down the road.

So what I am saying is don’t spend money to buy a gift. Instead, gift money so mom can get exactly what she wants and when she wants it. Heck, she may even up using it on you which is entirely okay as long as that is what makes her happy! By gifting her money you also have more time to spend with mom or even talk with her (because you won’t be out shopping for that perfect last-minute gift). I certainly think that sounds like a win-win!

Send Mom Her Gift Safely and Securely

Now you must be thinking, how do I get mom her cash safely and securely for Mother’s Day? The reality is, things get lost in the mail. I even had a recent issue with someone taking a check of mine (that was sent in the mail) and cashing it! So forget all the hassle and worry and try out PayPal & Xoom.

PayPal is actually offering Mother’s Day shopping deals where she can shop until her heart is content. If your mom is in another country or halfway around the world, you can still bless her with money this Mother’s Day by using Xoom! What is Xoom? It’s an awesome service from PayPal that allows you to send cash safely and securely. You can track each payment through Xoom, which makes managing money super easy. I love how Xoom powers international payments to friends and family in more than 40 countries around the world and the number one recipient of payments on Xoom is Mom. We’re talking instant money here folks! We’re also talking bank transfers, cash pick-up or delivery, bill pay and mobile reload, all from Xoom!

Xoom also provides peace of mind as you can track each payment via SMS alerts and receive a text message when the money is received. Why You Shouldn't Buy Mom a Mother's Day Gift2

If mom will be doing some online shopping this Mother’s Day, have her head over to to check out awesome deals like these:

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  • Buy one get one free any size jar or tumbler at Yankee Candle 4/28/16 – 5/8/2016

What are you waiting for? Head over to PayPal/Xoom to send some cash to mom today and to cash in on some of these awesome sales! And if you really think mom would rather have a gift card, you can purchase one of those for her instead! Mother’s Day has never looked so good.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.