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You Can Get 3 Cases of Water for Just $5 at Big Lots

You can never have enough water on hand if you ask me. Aside from drinking it, it’s always great to have an emergency stash of water.

And if you have been meaning to stock up on water, this is your chance! Right now, you can get 3 cases of water for just $5 at Big Lots!

That means each case of water ends up being $1.67! I haven’t seen that price in a LONG TIME.

How to Get 3 Cases of Water for Just $5 at Big Lots

Simply head over to the Big Lots website and add (3) cases of Niagara Drinking Water, 32 Packs to your cart.

The waters are on sale for 3 for $10 right now.

Head to checkout and then add promo code 481039849004 and it will take $5 off making your total $5 + tax.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to pick these up in-store to get this awesome price but this is a total stock up price!

Go here to get the water from Big Lots for just $5!