Free Printable ‘You’ve Been Toyoda’d’ Tags

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If you have a Toyota such as a Toyota 4Runner you likely know that being ‘ToYODA’d’ is one of the funnest things ever to happen to you.

Not sure what I am talking about? Well, these Free Printable ‘You’ve Been Toyoda’d’ Tags will help you gift a little joy to another Toyota owner in your community and of course, bring a little smile to their face.

hand holding baby yoda with tag attached

I recently got my first 4Runner and I am in love. Not only do I love the SUV itself, I love the community.

One of my favorite things to come with the community is this adorable game of being ‘ToYODA’d’. It’s so cute and Baby Yoda (yes, I know his real name is Grogu) is one of my favorite characters.

That’s why I made these and decided to pass them out in my local community. I plan to always keep these Baby Yoda’s handy and ready for when I spot a Toyota in the wild.

What does ‘You’ve Been Toyoda’d’ mean?

If you’ve ever heard of ‘Jeep Ducking‘ where Jeep owners place rubber ducks on each others cars for fun, this is basically the same thing only Toyota owners use Baby Yoda (aka Grogu) to leave a little surprise for a fellow Toyota owner. The ‘You’ve Been Toyoda’d’ is the phrase that is often printed on paper and attached to a toy Yoda letting that person know they’ve received a surprise for owning a Toyota.

While any Toyota owner can participate in the ToYODA’d fun, this is quite popular among the Toyota 4Runner community.

baby toyota tags

What you need to make ToYODA gifts

Supplies needed:

baby yoda bottom

How to Make Toyoda’d Gifts

Once you have everything you need, simply print out the gift tags I have above and then cut them out. I used a paper cutter but you can just use scissors.

Punch a single hole in the corner of each tag and then stick your string through it.

printable baby yoda tags for toyota

Wrap the string around your Baby Yoda and tie it in a knot.

Keep your Baby Yoda’s in the car and the next time you spot a Toyota in the wild, place it somewhere the Toyota driver will notice. For example, on the windshield near the windshield wipers or on the door handle.

You will totally make their day!

baby yoda toyota tags

You can get the Free Printable ToYODA’d Tags Here.

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