25 Zombie Recipes You Will Want to Take a Bite of

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I am over here trying build up the courage to take a nice big chunk out of these Zombie Recipes. Once you see them, I am sure you will want to take a bite out of them too! Or, maybe not?

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Brains…Brains…Brains… I can image that is ALL I would think about every day if I were a Zombie.

Zombies are totally a thing and it’s not a matter of IF but WHEN the Zombie Apocalypse is happening. 😉 So, while we sit around and wait by dressing up as them and pretending to eat brains, these zombie recipes may do.

At least they aren’t the real thing (brains), right?

25 Zombie Recipes You Will Want to Take a Bite Of

Zombie Eyeball Cupcakes are just oozing blood!

Treat yourself to this Zombtini Martini which glows like a zombie virus!

Just for the kids, these Blood Clot Jello Cups are terrifyingly delicious!

Kids will love these Zombie Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

Any real zombie would enjoy these Rice Krispy Brains.

These Blood Splatter Cookies remind me of an episode of Dexter…and zombies too!

Not sure I could eat this Baked Human Hand, it totally looks real!

You wouldn’t believe what this Drinkable Blood is made from!

I bet these Zombie Boogers taste snotty…

Cake Ball Brains really ooze blood – yes please!

Because everyone needs a good edible Zombie Eye recipe!

This Zombie Punch is great for the kiddos! zombie recipes1

These Ear Cookies look terrifyingly REAL!

Kids will love this Body Part Pudding.

A Halloween party wouldn’t be awesome without Zombie Dip.

These Edible Fingers make great finger food (get it?).

You have to have this Blood Fondue for any Zombie party!

This Jello Heart brings a whole new meaning to the saying “I’ll eat your heart out”.

Not going to lie, these Body Part Cupcakes are AMAZING!

Serve up guests this Smoking Zombie Cocktail.

These Milkshake Shots are BLOODY Good according to the zombies. zombie recipes featured

I cannot give over how disgusting this Human Pot Pie looks!

I bet these Edible Intestines are better than they look.

I don’t know if I believe these Human Heads are made from bread…

These Zombie Brain Hemorrhage Shots are amazingly cool!

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