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25 New Year’s Crafts for Kids

Ringing in the New Year can be fun for everyone. For most adults, an adult conversation and a cocktail will do but for kids, they need a bit more entertainment than that (of course alcohol-free) so I’ve rounded up 25 New Year’s Crafts for Kids so you can entertain them all night long in a fun and crafty way!

25 New Years Crafts for Kids

A glitter sensory bottle that is perfect for toddlers. Hey add in some items and they can also become noise makers!

Kids can make their own fireworks with their fingerprints. Such a safe way to ring in the New Year.

Love these confetti popper toilet paper tubes because you can upcycle items that would normally end in the trash.

New Year wishing wand makes welcoming the new year totally fun!

This New Year’s Eve countdown looks easy enough to make.

Hey parents, this is the one time you can allow kids to have a New year’s Eve noisemaker.

Sport the celebrations in style with this firework ring craft.

A No burn, sparkler firework craft is my kind of craft.

How noisy could these paper plate shakers really be?

Love this fireworks playdough.

Wow these paintable fortune cookies are such a brilliant idea! And yes, they are totally edible.

I adore these clock cookies.

How about edible party horns to go with all those cookies?

Who wouldn’t want to play with this party slime?

New Year’s Eve sensory bin is perfect for smaller hands (toddlers).

Kids can make their own New Year’s Eve Ball to help countdown to the new year.

These cupcake liner fireworks are so easy to make! Love it!

Okay, I am a bit obsessed with these chalkboard party hats. Perfect for adults too!

Kids can make a time capsule ornament as a way to say goodbye to 2015 and hello 2016.

Remember making these in elementary? Bring back the good old countdown chain for 2016.

If the chain doesn’t do it, maybe these countdown bags will!

Kids can light up the night with these easy paper lanterns.

Fireworks in a jar? What is the worst that can happen?

Kids will be busy for hours with this Happy New Year slime.

Kids can make their own new year’s resolutions too! This a cute craft idea.