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50 Fun, Cheap and Free Things to Do This Summer with Kids

You can make the most of your time spent with your kids this summer without breaking the bank. I’ve come up with 50 Fun, Cheap and Free Things to Do This Summer with Kids so you’ll make enjoyable memories without killing your budget.

I’ve always heard that you only get 18 summers with your kids and while I find that only partially true, I intend to make each and every summer with my kids count.

Now, when I say count, I don’t mean dollar signs. I mean in moments and I have to say, some moments are best made with little or no money at all. You just have to get creative.

But before you get overwhelmed, I’ve done that creative thinking for you by including ideas of things to do this summer with kids that are fun and cheap or entirely free!

50 Fun, Cheap and Free Things to Do This Summer with Kids

50 Fun, Cheap and Free Things to Do This Summer with Kids

You can make the most of your time spent with your kids this summer without breaking the bank. I’ve come up with 50 Fun, Cheap and Free Things to Do This Summer with Kids so you’ll make enjoyable memories without killing your budget.

Visit The Park

The park seems like an obvious place but perhaps there is a park in a nearby city you've never been to before. Perhaps taking a long walk to your nearest park can be an adventure too. The park is always a free, fun place to visit and honestly, what kid isn't excited to visit one?

Visit A Splash Pad

This may not be something that is available in every state but here in Utah we have splash pads, some that are attached to parks. These splash pads are free activities for kids where they can go play and get wet. Perfect for those hot summer days!

Visit The Library

I like to say, "When in doubt, read". Reading during summer is a great way to keep up with your child's learning and skills and a library is a great place to allow them to explore new books for free!

Go Swimming

Swimming is a fun activity and is a great way to cool off. You can visit a local community pool for just a few dollars or if you know a friend or family with an apartment complex, you can swim for free!

Head to The Dollar Store for Craft Supplies

My kids love to craft but they tend to use up all the craft supplies in one go. So, we head to the dollar store often and allow them to spend around $5 getting craft supplies to make fun crafts and they love it!

Go On A Bike Ride

Bikes are a great way to exercise and take a new adventure. Whether it's around your neighborhood or you travel elsewhere, biking is a fun and free activity to do.

Go On A Hike

My kids love hiking so much, my 4 year old begs us to go almost daily. It's great exercise and free to do!

Play A Board Game

Board games are always fun and free to do (or cheap if you don't own any). Just stay away from Monopoly, I swear that game ruins relationships HA.

Go On A Scavenger Hunt

We love to go on scavenger hunts. You can download free printables online or even make a quick check list for your kids. Take a walk, go on an adventure and allow your kids to explore and learn for free!

Watch A Movie

Head to Redbox and rent a new movie for a night (less than $2) or check out new Netflix releases and watch a family movie.

Visit A Museum

Local museums are a great way to learn something new, have some fun and the admission fee goes to supporting the museum which is awesome! These also often have discount days so it's worth checking your local museum for those.

Watch A Movie In The Park

Our local parks offer "Movie in the Park" nights where they have giant inflatable screens and offer free movies at dusk. They also sell cheap popcorn, drinks and candy. It's a fun and cheap activity for the family!

Have a BBQ

Who doesn't like to eat? Have a BBQ and enjoy good food, music and company with the family.

Have a Sleep Out

Something we used to do as kids was have a sleep out in our backyard. You can sleep out in your deck in sleeping bags, sleep on a trampoline or even set up the tent in the backyard and camp! It's safe, free and something different to do!


Spend a night looking at the stars. Get those binoculars or telescopes out and let your kids count and view the stars!

Go To An Outdoor Concert

Cities around us offer free outdoor concerts. Last summer we went to see Eve 6 in Concert and were able to take our kids. We took our lawn chairs, some snacks and we had a blast. Plus, it was free!

Start A Garden

Teaching your kids how to start and grow a garden is such a great life lesson and is something fun and inexpensive to do this summer. Having fresh fruits and vegetables are a plus!

Go Get Ice Cream

Ice Cream is a sweet treat and a great way to reward summer chores, tasks and reading. Take a few minutes and go eat some ice cream with the family - guilt free.

Build A Sandcastle

If you don't live near somewhere with sand, get a sandbox or go to a park with a sandy area and build a sand castle!

Build A Fort

Use all those blankets and pillows in your home and build a fort. Even better - let your kids sleep in it for the night.

Play with Chalk

I am sure you have a box of chalk sitting in your garage. No? Head to the dollar store and grab some and draw all sorts of pictures in your driveway and sidewalk!

Make a Lemonade Stand and Sell Lemonade

Let your kids make some cash this summer by selling lemonade. They can even make their own lemonade stand by finding old pallets and things companies throw away!

Make Homemade Bubbles

Blowing bubbles, making bubbles are all so fun.

Go Fishing

Getting a fishing license for a day costs around $12. It's a fun and cheap activity for the whole family.

Go Visit Family

Our lives are crazy busy and sometimes we forget how long it's been since we've visited a family member. Take a day and head out to see a friend or family member you haven't seen in a while.

Visit A Farm

Head out and visit a local farm. Most of the day, your kids can even feed the farm animals.

Go Bowling

Bowling is always fun! Our local bowling alley's offer special discounts on certain nights so we utilize those to save money and have some fun.

Go to The Arcade

Our local arcades offer promotions valid on certain nights for all-access game cards for a set price. Allow your kids to play some video games, earn some tickets and get some fun prizes.

Get Snow Cones

Snow cones are typically only available during summer so take a walk and go get one with the family.

Play Video Games

My husband and kids love to play video games together. It keeps them entertained plus they get in some reading and fun without leaving our home.

Catch Some Bugs

My son loves to get the $1 bug catchers at Dollar Tree and then we head out on walks and go through the gully near our house and collect different bugs. We let them go before we head home but it's a fun activity.

Take The Dog For A Walk

Don't have a dog? Ask a neighbor if you can walk their dog. Your kids might even get paid for it!

Visit A Local Fire Station

You'll want to call ahead for this one, but most Fire Stations will allow you and your kids to come visit, learn about the Firetrucks and even sit inside them!

Have a Picnic

Picnics are fun. You can either make food from home or go snag some and head to the park with blankets and have a picnic.

Go Attend Free Local Events

Each month we receive a flyer that has all of the local events happening in our area. Many of them are free. You can do a quick Google search to find local and free events in your area to attend.

Play Dress Up

Have your kids find random objects and clothes around the house to dress up in!

Host a Cookout In The Canyons

We live in Utah so we live near the mountains we have canyons where you can go up and cook food over a fire. It's fun and cheap (like $8 for the day).

Play with Water Guns

Water guns are fun and cheap to obtain too!

Go Boating

Boating is always fun. Either take your friends boat out or split the cost and rent one with family and friends for a day out in the water.

Visit A National Park

There are so many great National Parks to visit. Plus, they have select days you can visit for free!

Redo a Room In Your Home

Depending on your budget, you could spend a day remodeling a room in your home and allow your kids to help!

Do Some Yard Work

Yard work is manual labor but also can be so fun. My kids love to dig, plant flowers, pull weeds and even water things.

Explore A New City

How many places have you actually seen in your state? If you live in a big state, probably not many. You can explore a city near you. Spend a day walking, reading up on history, enjoying new food and seeing new places.

Go See A Play

Visit your local art and culture places and see a play!