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15 Hacks & Tips to Ease the Moving Experience

Often times moving means a new adventure is about to unfold. While it can be extremely exciting for a new home, in a new place, it can also be extremely overwhelming. Spring is a time when most are buying and selling their homes so right now seems to be the perfect time to share 15 Hacks & Tips to Ease the Moving Experience!

15 Hacks & Tips to Ease the moving experience

15 Hacks & Tips to Ease the Moving Experience

The Kitchen

The kitchen is typically one of the hardest places to pack simply because of all the breakable dishes, pans, and gadgets that can get displaced but with these hacks you can’t go wrong!

Tip: If you’re moving into a new home and you know you want to redecorate your kitchen, now is the time to get rid of any mismatching dishes or decorations. You can even donate them to someone in need.

Knives – Don’t get caught cutting yourself! Instead use your pot holders to hold all of your knives and sharp utensils. Then pack as normal.

moving hacks kitchen

Plates – Use styrofoam plates in between glass plates to provide extra padding when moving. Then once you are all moved in, you have some paper plates you can use for awhile and avoid dishes piling up.

Cutlery – Forget unloading all your silverware just to reload it into it’s holder. Simply wrap the entire cutlery tray (with the cutlery still inside) tightly and then unwrap when you get to your destination. Every piece will be in its place.

The Bedroom

Let’s not pretend the bedroom isn’t one of the worst places to pack. Clothes, shoes, and accessories take up the majority of our space which means we have to pack smarter to fit it all.

Tip: You’ve been wanting a new bed set for a few years now and guess what? Now is the perfect time to get it! Place your current set up for sale or donate it then take your brand new set in it’s box to the new house. Saves you one less hassle when you are moved in.

bedroom moving hacks

Clothes in the Closet – Why remove all the clothes from their hangers just to put them back on hangers in the new house? Instead, use large garbage bags to cover a bundle of clothes. At the top, create a hole for the hangers to come through and travel. Then simply tear off the bag and hang the clothes in your new closet. Shoes – If you saved those shoe boxes you are in luck because you can pack shoes in their original boxes when moving. If not, pack shoes in a large box but use rubber bands or shower caps to keep matches together.

The Bathroom

Just thinking of packing my bathroom one day has me overwhelmed. There are so many small items and even items that can spill or break. Don’t worry I have some great ideas to share below.

Tip: Use clear gallon plastic bags to store all of your daily necessities and place it on the front seat of your car or moving truck. That way when you arrive to your new home, your basic essentials (toothbrush, comb, soap, etc.) are readily available.

moving hacks bathroom

Make-up – Let’s not ruin all that beautiful and expensive make-up during the move. Simply place a cotton ball or cotton pad over pressed shadows and powders to help prevent them from cracking.

Don’t spill – Avoid spilling your body wash, shampoo, and conditioners by placing a piece of plastic under the lid and then replacing the lid. Easy peasy.

Everything Else

Other than the main rooms mentioned above your house will have items throughout it. There are several ways to leave your old home looking it’s best while ensuring everything you own goes with you.

Tip: Consider asking friends and family to come help clean your old home once everything is moved out. Offer to buy them dinner for their help. This is especially needed if you were renting and want your deposit back.

Got holes? – Once you remove photos and mirrors you will notice many holes in your walls. If your walls are white, using a white bar soap can be an easy fix to cover those holes.

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Don’t lose the screws – When you start disassembling your home to pack it you are bound to end up with many screws, nuts, and bolts. Keep these organized by placing them into plastic bags and labeling them where they came from.

moving hacks everything else
15 Hacks & Tips to Ease the Moving Experience Featured

Move heavy items with ease – Have heavy items such as books? Fill your rolling suitcases with them to make moving those items easy.

Label it all – Labeling boxes is the most important aspect of moving but want a better way to do it? Snag a few different brightly colored rolls of duct tape and color code boxes by room. That way each box will go right into the designated room on arrival.

Get to Moving with Ease

I surely hope by now you have a bit more confidence when it comes to the idea of moving. Moving can be such a great and overwhelming experience but that stress can go right away when you are prepared and ready for it.

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