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5 Best Items to Buy on Clearance in December

It is officially the post holiday shopping season and you know what that means? Clearance and lots of it!

Shopping during clearance sales in December can be a great opportunity to snag some fantastic deals and get you a head start on holiday shopping next year (which helps with your budget too).

Here are the 5 Best Items to Buy on Clearance in December and you will want to make a mad dash to go find these items starting today!

christmas clearance at walmart

Now that Christmas is officially over, retailers everywhere are clearing out their leftover Christmas inventory to make room for new items in the new year.

Walmart, Target, Costco, and even places like Dollar Tree begin offer 50% off items starting today (the day after Christmas) and the discounts increase each day from here on out.

christmas clearance at target

This means BIG SAVINGS for you! Obviously, most items will be holiday related. However, many items can be used for upcoming holidays throughout the year or even for anniversary, birthday and graduation gifts too.

The best part? You’ll end up paying less than full price saving you time and money!

clearance holiday lights at target

5 Best Items to Buy on Clearance in December

Holiday Decorations: After Christmas, stores are eager to clear out their holiday inventory. This is the perfect time to buy decorations like artificial trees, lights, wreaths, and ornaments at significantly reduced prices. Stocking up now means you’re ready for the next holiday season with new and festive decorations.

clearance stockings at target

Holiday Candy & Food: Seasonal treats like holiday-themed chocolates, cookies, and other festive foods often go on sale after the holidays. These items, although holiday-themed, are still delicious and can be enjoyed well into the new year. It’s also a great opportunity to buy gourmet food items that are usually expensive, like luxury chocolates or specialty coffees. Some items are not even in holiday packaging and can be given/used for other holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Easter.

Toys and Games: Post-holiday clearance is an ideal time to purchase toys and games at a discount. Retailers reduce prices to clear out their inventory, making it a perfect opportunity to grab gifts for children’s birthdays, upcoming events, or even next year’s holiday gifts. From popular action figures to board games and educational toys, there’s a wide selection available.

clearance toys at target

Winter Clothing and Accessories: As stores prepare for spring inventory, you’ll find great deals on winter apparel. This includes coats, sweaters, boots, scarves, and gloves. It’s an excellent chance to buy quality winter wear at a fraction of the original price. Look for durable items that will last through multiple seasons. Even items such as sleds and winter activities are on clearance.

Pro tip: Purchase clothes a size up for your kids so they will fit them next year and you never had to pay full price!

Holiday Gift Sets: Many stores offer special holiday gift sets in categories like beauty, fragrances, skincare, and gourmet foods. These sets are often sold at a considerable discount after the holidays. They make excellent gifts for upcoming occasions or can be a way to treat yourself to high-quality products at a low price.

These clearance sales are a smart way to save money while stocking up on items you’ll use throughout the year. Just be sure to act fast, as the best deals tend to sell out quickly!