DIY Upcycled Flower Pot Stand

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diy upcycled flower pot stand


Fall is here which means for many of us we will have empty flower pots until Spring rolls around next year. Instead of leaving those lying around looking dirty and dull, you can actually use them for another purpose with this DIY Upcycled Flower Pot Stand!

The best part about this craft is that it is easy to make and it can be used for whatever you want to display. Use it as a cupcake or cake stand, centerpiece, jewelry stand, bird bath, or even a candy dish. The possibilities are endless!

What You’ll Need:

  • Small terra cotta flower pot
  • Medium terra cotta saucer
  • Hot glue, glue gun or Gorilla glue
  • Craft paint of your choice
  • Paint brush


1. Begin by wiping the surface of the pottery with a dry cloth. Do not use a wet cloth as the clay will absorb the moisture. Just use a dry cloth to remove dust and dirt.
2. Apply two coats of craft paint, allowing the coats to dry in between. You can apply full coverage or allow the pottery top show through (like how the one I did looks).
3. Apply a generous amount of glue to the bottom of the flower pot. Place the saucer on top of the glue. Make sure it is centered, and then press firmly.
4. If you wish, place a heavy object such as a large book on top of the saucer and allow the glue to dry for several hours.

Once dry, you are able to use your stand. This is a frugal and easy craft since you are upcycling flower pots that might be thrown away. If you want you can even purchase these brand new at your local hardware store as they are very inexpensive.

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