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How To Make Your Home Simple But Beautiful

Having a beautiful home doesn’t necessarily mean you have to fill it to the brim with things (unless you want to, of course – it’s important to remember that everyone’s idea of beauty is different and should be unique), but it can be hard to work out how to really make sure your home is as gorgeous as it can be when you want to keep things simple. 

The reality is that simplicity can often actually enhance a space’s beauty, as it allows you to see it properly without a lot of clutter and general life debris getting in the way, and whatever you do choose to have in your home can shine out much more because it’s not hidden away and lost in the midst of everything else. 

If that makes sense and you want to have a simple buy beautiful home, where should you start when you’re making changes? It can be hard to know what to do first, and there is no set order to do things in, and the best thing to do is to make your own priority list. With that in mind, here are some ideas to help you start that list and start making important – beautiful – changes in your home and decor. 

Declutter And Minimize 

It probably shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise after reading our introduction that the first thing you should do if you want to make your home simple but beautiful is to declutter. Do this before you do anything else, and you’ll make everything a lot easier for yourself because you’ll literally have more room to breathe, let alone move around. It’s also the ideal time to work out what you want to showcase in your simple home and what no longer needs to be there because it doesn’t fit with your plans. 

Go through your belongings and really think about what you want, what you like, what serves no purpose, and so on. Unless something holds some sentimental value or you love it in some way (or it’s just very useful – throwing out a useful item is always a mistake unless you can replace it with something that does the job better), it’s best to remove it entirely. You could throw it out if it’s of no use to anyone, but ideally, that should be a last resort, and it’s better to donate, sell, or upcycle/recycle in some way if possible. 

Remember that decluttering isn’t just about tidying up; it’s about giving yourself the space to make a beautiful home and to be less stressed and add more calmness to your life. That has to be worth putting the hard work in to achieve. 

Neutral Colors 

When it comes to choosing colors for your home, neutral is best if you want to make it both beautiful and simple. Soft shades, like any pastel color as well as grays, whites, beiges, and so on, can be perfect, as they give your home a calming sense, and they’re classically beautiful as well. Plus, what’s really great about making sure you always use neutral colors in your home decor (the walls and floor, at least) is that you can change and update other elements of your home whenever you want without the need to have major disruption and do lots of hard work. 

That’s because neutral colors are versatile, and they’ll essentially give you a blank canvas to work on. You can add some pops of color through curtains, artwork, cushions, rugs, decorative items like vases or candles, and so on. But if most of your interior is neutral, you’ll always have the most elegant and simple home – exactly as you want it. And, another benefit of this design idea is that it goes with pretty much any decor style you might have or choose to have in the future. Even if your tastes change when it comes to your furniture or the style of your kitchen or bathroom, those neutral colors don’t have to change with it. 

Statement Wall 

While neutral walls are wonderful, as we’ve been talking about above, and although they are beautiful and simple – ticking both boxes when it comes to your design ideas – it can also be worth at least considering the idea of a feature wall or statement wall. This can add some lovely contrasts in your home, and really allow you to show off your personality, and because it’s not the kind of decor you use throughout (which would be too ‘busy’ and not at all simple (although it might still be beautiful)), it can be a gorgeous focal point that works in a positive way and isn’t something people are shocked or displeased by (and most importantly, you’ll love it too, which is what counts, after all). 

You can use bold wallpaper, textured paint, or even a gallery of framed art if you want. Or why not take a look at the dozens of different design styles and colors you can get with peel & stick wood planks? This option will give you the colors, the texture, and the uniqueness you’ll be looking for in a statement wall, so it could be the only thing you need to buy. 

The thing to remember when you want to include a statement wall in your home is that it will automatically become the centerpiece of the room, always drawing attention no matter how many times you or anyone else sees it. Therefore it’s going to have to set the tone in the right way, so it might need a little more thinking about before you go ahead with this new piece of interior design. 

Natural Light

Another way to make sure your home is as simple as it is beautiful is to make the most of any natural light that comes into it, and ideally maximize that natural light where possible. When you’re able to do this, you’ll make your home feel gorgeously airy and inviting, and it will be a place people enjoy spending time in. 

One thing you can do to help bring in more natural light is to consider using sheer curtains or blinds that allow light through while still giving you plenty of privacy. On top of this, there’s just something fascinating and lovely about the way the light shines through these window treatments and lands on the wall (whether it’s your feature wall or not) that brings even more beauty to your home. It can be quite mesmerizing. 

Natural light is a simple but powerful way to make your home beautiful because it lights your space, highlights the important features, and makes everything feel fresh and new. It can also give you a nice connection to the outdoors which, although it’s not crucial, can certainly help make your home feel serene and help you de-stress. 

Functional Shelving 

So you need somewhere to store the things you’ve tidied up but want to keep, and you want some of them on display as well. But you’ve run out of places to put them because you’re trying to keep things neat and tidy. What can you do? It might feel like a catch-22, but there is a solution, and that solution is functional shelving. 

Functional shelving gives you somewhere to store things, but because they can look attractive too (make sure you pick something that works with the rest of your decor, of course), they can actually add to your entire design – it’s the perfect way to get around the problem. Your space can stay organized, you can add another decorative idea to your interior, and your things can be on display, all at the same time. 

Natural Elements 

You might be surprised at this point to find there are even more ways to make your home both simple and beautiful, but in reality, there are dozens of them! This next idea is about using natural elements where possible, such as wood accents in your furniture or art, for example, as they can bring a feeling of warmth and comfort into the space. And even better, they’ll definitely complement your neutral color scheme. 

Natural elements always evoke a sense of tranquillity and harmony, ensuring your home is truly beautiful and staying true to your ideas of simplicity too. Whether you opt for wooden furniture, woven textiles, houseplants, or anything else, these elements are absolutely worth investing in. 

Cozy Textiles 

Soft and cozy textiles can make your home feel inviting and comfortable, so think about adding throw blankets, cushions, and area rugs to your interiors – which can be the ideal opportunity to add some color as well. 

When there are cost textiles involved, you and your guests will be able to relax and unwind and really appreciate how beautiful and enjoyable everything in your home is. In the winter, those cozy textiles will bring some literal warmth to various rooms as well, which is always a good thing, and in the summer, you can pack them away if they seem out of place, ready to be used again when the temperature drops and the nights get darker.