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Teachers Can Get Free NASA Moon Tree Seedlings. Here’s How.

Are you a teacher or know someone who is? If so, this one is for you!!

Right now, Teachers can apply to get Free NASA Moon Tree Seedlings! How cool is that?!

nasa moon tree seedlings on table

What is a moon tree seedling?

A “Moon Tree” refers to trees grown from seeds that were taken to the Moon during the Artemis I, Orion space capsule.

nasa moon tree seedlings on black fabric

NASA’s Next Gen STEM project in partnership with USDA Forest Service is excited to kick-off the upcoming school year with a unique opportunity. Nearly 2000 tree seeds travelled to the Moon and back to Earth aboard the Artemis I, Orion space capsule!

logo image of nasa moon tree program

The best part is, NASA wants the help of educators to grow these Moon Tree Seedlings and create STEM based education around them.

How exciting would it be to have a tree that came from the moon in your classroom?

nasa picture of moon

How to Get A Free NASA Moon Tree Seedling

In order to receive a free NASA moon tree seedling, teachers and organizations like schools, libraries, museums, and others engaging with students, or the public, will need to apply for a Moon Tree seedling through NASA’s Artifact Module.

This means not everyone who applies will receive one but it is entirely worth applying for!

image explaining how to care for nasa moon tree seedling

More info on How to Apply for a Free Moon Tree Seedling can be seen here. It will also give you all the info on how to care for your new moon tree seedling!

You can read more about this amazing program here too.

This is a really cool opportunity so make sure you tell all the educators you know to apply!

The application period closes Friday, Oct. 6, 2023.